Historic February Arctic Blast Recap

  As the big thaw continues, the winter of 2013/14 will go down in the record books after three unprecedented February snow and ice storms in just five days blanketed the region. As of Monday morning, the Portland International Airport has received more than 7″ of snowfall for the month of February. This now qualifies […]

Arctic Blast This Week, Snow Possible Next Weekend

The groundhog says six more weeks of winter and mother nature is going to deliver. Computer model guidance is now locked in on a solution that will bring a rare February arctic blast to the Pacific Northwest beginning Tuesday and lasting throughout the week. By next weekend, there is the potential for an area wide […]

Much Colder Weather Next Week Likely

Groundhog or no groundhog, mother nature appears poised to let the Pacific Northwest know that winter is not over just yet! Confidence is increasing in computer model guidance closing in on a solution that has the potential to bring much colder weather across the entire Pacific Northwest next week. If models verify, this would be the coldest air since the arctic blast […]


REG FULTON passed away on Oct. 28, 2013. A friend of mine who was the composer's neighbor in San Francisco gave me the news. You probably never heard of […]

Common Core Becoming Toxic for Politicians

Huckabee steps back from Common Core It’s not surprising to see that former supporters of Common Core are now running from the controversial standards the same way democrats are bailing from Obamacare.  After all, the way both of these programs were brought into being was through slight of hand, back door deals, and half truths […]

States Fight back Against Federal Overreach

South Carolina is rejecting Obamacare   South Carolina is voting on a bill to end Obamacare in the state. State legislators have already passed H3101 in the house and have sent it on to the senate where they expect quick approval. Republican governor Nikki Haley has led resistance to Obamacare in the state and is […]

Much Colder Weather Likely Next Week Across Pacific Northwest

If that image above does not tell a story, I don’t know what does? When we took these head shots, we just added this one in for fun thinking we might need it some day. Well, that day may be nearing. After several days of wavering, computer weather model guidance is closing in on a […]

Big Winter Tease or Real Deal?

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. For those who forecast and track the weather this is the time of year where our eyes become a little more focused when we look at forecast models and maps. Today’s three major models are now in agreement that the week after Thanksgiving could go from ho hum to […]

Coldest Weather of Season Possible Next Weekend

COLDEST AIR OF THE SEASON POSSIBLE NEXT WEEKEND? MAYBE! BUT WHERE? The following may sound like a foreign language, however, I will get to the bottom line at the very bottom. Today’s (Sunday’s) 12z weather models (Euro, GFS and several GFS Ensembles) are getting pretty close to spilling the coldest air of the season into […]

Morning Storm Recap

Morning Storm Recap A strong morning storm raced across Oregon and Washington bringing with it strong wind, heavy rain, power outages and some downed trees. Just after 8AM, a strong squall line embedded within the front swept across the Portland / Vancouver metro area from Salem north to Kelso, WA. Peak wind gusts at the […]

The Liberty Amendments

  Mark Levin’s new book ,The Liberty Amendments” lays out a strategy to restore the balance of power that was originally intended by the framers of our constitution. Levin, points out the abuses of power by  presidents, congress and the supreme court that have led to the loss of freedom, out of control federal spending, […]

A trip back to Washington

I’m back! I guess you could say that I had a lot of fun in Texas, but in reality it was hot. I think on the first day it was 100 degrees outside and I was wearing jeans. I proceeded to have Chinese food at one of my friend’s restaurants. Her name is Jeany (I […]

Following the route of Napoleon

Today was the day  — the day that I was most anxious about. I would start my ascent of the Pyrenees. I had decided to break up the long mountain trek into two days. This would allow me plenty of time to take in the scenery and not feel rushed. I woke up and had […]

The Lone Star

Hello again! I’m sorry about my depressing post last time. Anyway, this time I’m happy because I’m going to Texas! El Paso, Texas, is where I grew up and was born, and I’m going back to visit my family up there. There’s really no reason to be sad about it, but who knows what’ll happen […]

A day of sorrow

Today was the worst of all days. I believe that today I have more to report than just Harvest Moon and Skyrim, but I feel that it is not as cheerful. Today I hope to share my feelings with the people that read this blog, for I regretfully say that my great-grandmother, Mema, has died. […]

Harvest Moon and Skype

Today, like most other days, I woke up and immediately began to check my email and my Skype account for new messages. I don’t really go out much, but when I do I tend to mess up the balance in the Force. Not that I don’t like to, but what purpose does a 13-year old […]

It Only Takes a Spark: Wildfire Tips to Protect Your Family and Your Home

  As you are probably aware wildfire season is upon us in the NW. WA and OR residents have already seen a large number of fires spark in the eastern portions of both states. Meanwhile, CO was hit with another deadly blaze and several other western states unfortuantely kick started wildfire season in early June. […]

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8 straight days on the trail…

You wake up as night gives way to day. You stay in bed a few extra minutes to contemplate your journey. You give a little stretch as you get out of bed. You grab your trekking clothes for the day and head for the toilet. You use the facilities and change. You head back to […]

Harvest Moon and Skype

Today I played Harvest Moon, and like any other day I checked my newly made Skype account for messages. I talked to my friends and harvested onions. One of the down sides of the Harvest Moon session was that I killed my patch of grass that would later serve as food for my cow, chicken, […]

Kids at The Crossroads Peru

This is the third summer that I have spent volunteering here at Kids at the Crossroads Peru. KATC is a non-profit being run by former Portlander GeGe Coleman. We provide supplemental education to 100+ children ages 4-14.  GeGe employs an all Peruvian staff of eight.  She herself draws no salary. KATC  is located high in […]

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