Harvest Moon and Skype

Today I played Harvest Moon, and like any other day I checked my newly made Skype account for messages. I talked to my friends and harvested onions. One of the down sides of the Harvest Moon session was that I killed my patch of grass that would later serve as food for my cow, chicken, and lamb. I hate it when I do that, but lucky for me I bought more seeds for only 300 g! I hope that tomorrow I have better luck and don’t waste another 300 gold coins. The world can only hope.


I’m a 13-year old girl that prefers to spend her days playing video games, watching cartoons, drawing, and doing martial arts over sports. My name is Kaitlyn Segura and I am a Blue belt in karate. I’ve been doing karate for eight years now and have become an expert in the arts of both sword fighting with double and single blades and hand to hand combat. I was inspired to do this activity while watching “Enter the Dragon” starring Bruce Lee. I wanted to become like him, and become a Black belt. I can proudly say that I am almost there.

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