Kraft proposes grant program for private school, homeschooling

Rep. Vicki Kraft, R-Vancouver, reintroduced a bill last week that would establish a $7,000-per-child grant program for families who homeschool or send their children to private school. The fund would be called the K-12 Education Scholarship Program. Her bill has since been referred to the House Education Committee. “We’ve seen how students have been affected […]

New comment process arrives in time for fireworks

Verbal public comments have returned to Clark County Council meetings, just in time for some fireworks. Since meetings went virtual due to COVID-19, the council had been accepting written comments, which were mostly read aloud by staffers. But, while still holding meetings virtually, the council began accepting verbal comments directly from the public on Tuesday.  […]

Bill to allow behavioral health credential renewals during states of emergency passes out of committee

The House Health Care and Wellness Committee unanimously passed a bill from Rep. Paul Harris, R-Vancouver, that would allow some behavioral health care workers to renew their credentials during a state of emergency. House Bill 1063, which passed out of committee this week, would authorize the state Secretary of Health to grant a waiver for […]

Local Democrats choose Dalesandro as chair

Clark County Democrats have chosen Battle Ground City Councilmember Mike Dalesandro as the party’s new chair.  Dalesandro was selected during a meeting Monday night to replace John Oberg. Other members of the new Executive Board include Vice Chair Shannon Myers, State Committeepersons Angela Wilkinson and Jesse James and Secretary Mary Broten. The local party has […]

Elected GOP officials claiming ‘antifa’ responsible for Capitol riot

State and local officials in the Republican party are repeating the baseless claim that “antifa” was or may have been responsible for the violent right-wing riot at the nation’s Capitol last week. Joel Mattila, the newly-elected chair of the Clark County Republican Party, told me in a phone call Thursday that he’s “heard rumors that […]

Rep. Kraft: ‘Reject the results and the electoral votes’

State Rep. Vicki Kraft, R-Vancouver, said she would have joined the group of Republican lawmakers who did not accept the results of the presidential election on Wednesday. In an email — “to be sure I am on record as a Legislator and lawmaker on this critical issue” — she wrote that she believes there are […]

Mattila tapped as local GOP chair

The Clark County Republican Party has elected Joel Mattila, a longtime local party operative, as its chair. Mattila was selected to replace Earl Bowerman during meetings Saturday and Sunday to form the party’s new Executive Board. The party also chose Kathy McDonald as vice chair — replacing Clark County Council Chair Eileen Quiring O’Brien —, […]

Ceremonies mark new start, with a few rollovers

Swearing-in ceremonies this week for new Clark County elected officials seemed like a fitting sign of hope for the new year — and challenges that remain. By now, those who regularly attend or monitor public meetings have become accustomed to the glitches of virtual events. These glitches appeared at times Tuesday when the county administered […]

McEnerny-Ogle to launch reelection campaign

Anne McEnerny-Ogle is wasting no time in 2021.  The Vancouver mayor will formally announce her reelection campaign at noon on New Year’s Day, in an online event that will also feature former City Councilor Larry Smith.  McEnerny-Ogle will use the forum to “share some of the challenges ahead” and “present her approach and priorities for […]

Camas to review equity in city government

Camas has initiated a two-year process of reviewing equity, diversity and inclusion in city government.  The city Council on Monday appointed councilmembers Greg Anderson, Ellen Burton and Bonnie Carter to an Equity Steering Group. The group will facilitate a series of conversations with city residents through June before presenting findings by Dec. 20. Then, the […]

That new port race campaign finance law won’t go into effect for a little longer

[caption id="attachment_53976" align="alignright" width="300"] Jack Burkman will text you late at night if he thinks your wrong (which is good, mostly.)[/caption] Of the many glamorous perks of being a Columbian political […]

Let the race begin

Tim Probst, who is running to replace Sen. Don Benton in Olympia, filed his personal financial statement late. And the Washington State Republican Party noticed. “Why is partisan Democrat Tim Probst trying to hide his six-figure government paycheck from the voters?” said WSRP Chair Susan Hutchison in a press release. “State law requires candidates to […]

JHB keeps quiet on Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Thursday he will vote for the GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Previously, Ryan said he was “not ready” to back Trump, but reversed course writing in an editorial that “on the issues that make up (the Republican) agenda, we have more common ground than disagreement.” I wondered if this […]

Clinton wins WA

Hillary Clinton won the Washington state primary on Tuesday. Bernie Sanders overwhelmingly won the Washington state caucuses. The results from the Democratic primary will largely be ignored, but they could provoke a change in the system. As Melissa Santos with the News Tribune wrote, “almost three times as many Democrats had voted in the primary […]

Your vote counts … well, kind of

Every election season, there are those people who don’t bother to vote. They forget. They’re not inspired. They feel like their vote doesn’t matter. For once, they might have a point. Tonight is Washington state’s primary. The GOP presumptive nominee is Donald Trump, although Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and John Kasich remain on the ballot. And […]

Goodspace guy for governor?

Sam Kim, Clark County’s chief information officer, generated a buzz this week when the lifelong Republican filed to run as an “independent Democrat.” It was unusual that he was switching parties. But also, what is an independent Democrat? And he wasn’t the only one. Tim Probst, who is vying for Sen. Benton’s seat, and Kathy […]

Building bridges

Gov. Jay Inslee visited Vancouver’s future waterfront park on Wednesday and called it a center of economic expansion that will benefit the entire state. As Inslee walked along the river, the Interstate-5 bridge loomed in the background. Inslee said if he’s re-elected he will once again try to gain momentum for replacing the aging bridge. […]

Threats of apples flying again

When apple prices drop, the employees at the Vancouver Education Association know to prepare themselves. Chicken wire is already around all the windows. Crates are in front of the chicken wire, placed at a 45-degree angle, so when the apple comes flying through the air they hit the crate and bounce away from the building. […]

Socialist pizza

The Clark County Democrats’ 2016 convention last week was chaotic and lasted hours. The event was scheduled to end by 5 p.m. but ran past 9 p.m. As Stevie Mathieu reported, it started with a “burst of enthusiasm” but turned to “crankiness for many participants.” Throughout the state of Washington and surely other states, Democratic […]

Apple threats missing their target

Democratic Sen. Patty Murray is campaigning for her fifth term in Congress and, once again, the apple throwers are ready. It’s not the first time some of Murray’s opponents have encouraged throwing apples on rooftops of her supporters. But this time, they seem to be missing their target. “I’m a registered Republican,” said Lisa Schmidt, […]

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