Month: April 2016

Pew poll shows broad divide among GOP voters

A recent Pew Research Center report highlighted the divide that exists within the Republican party, saying the disagreements expose vastly different viewpoints on the way life in the United States has changed. The report states, “Among GOP voters, fully 75 percent of those who support Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination say life for […]

Dealing without Darlington

There’s no question the pain of losing Darlington Nagbe, for us supporters, is nowhere near the physical pain Nagbe experienced as a result of that brutal tackle by Nigel de Jong! I get it and the discipline handed out by MLS will come nowhere near what it should be – however long Darlington is out […]


Thompson Metal Fab

“I think things are fine. A lot of fabricators are busy,” said Michael Moore, business development manager for Thompson Metal Fab. “Commercial, industrial and residential construction means masons, carpenters and fabricators are doing really well.”  


The Homeless Artist

“You just forget yourself for a few minutes. When I get mad, I work. When I get sad, I work.” – Mandi Vee Entering the downtown Vancouver Community Library, on any given day, you might notice one of the tables covered in a purple velvet cloth belonging to Mandi Vee. There’s not enough room to make jewelry […]

Portland Timbers – Is it too early to worry?

Some pundits have offered that it’s probably to early to worry; I completely disagree. At no point in the last four years of tracking possession with purpose have the Timbers been so low on this Index: Some may scoff at the reference to my Index, so early in the season, but in my most recent […]

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