Carrot-Parsnip Soup with Seedy Power Sprinkle 

Whether you are making a thrifty meal out of odds and ends, or starting from scratch, a bowl of soup is soothing, satisfying sustenance that’s easy to achieve no matter what you may have on hand. Lean on long-lasting winter vegetables to deliver a flavorful, filling meal that tastes like hard work, even if it […]

Cheese Fondue

January 20 is National Cheese Lover’s Day. Celebrate with an easy, home-made Cheese Fondue that’s just perfect for warming up cold, damp wintry nights. Totally doable with what you have on hand, you can make this in no time, adding a nice, cozy element to your charcuterie or snack board.  Classic Swiss fondue is typically […]

Spinach and Artichoke Dip Pasta

Whether you’re just tired of cooking, trying to eat more veggies, or doing a few practice runs for your Super Bowl menu, this quick, easy Spinach and Artichoke Pasta has you covered. Eat the warm, creamy dip on its own or add the pasta and make a whole meal out of it, one batch does […]

Old Fashioned Gingerbread

Why shut off the good spirits when we flip the calendar page? Embrace health and sensible eating, yes, but don’t plunge, nudge. Focus on your fruits and veggies, but make sure to leave a little fun in there, too. A bit of cake is good for the soul. Made with fragrant spices whisked together with […]

Your Guide to Vegan Leather Products

As more and more people shift to a more sustainable, cruelty-free lifestyle, it can be hard to keep up. Especially when it seems like everything you use is tainted by untenable practices. But, there’s no need to get overwhelmed, particularly when there are companies that strive to make a difference with their products from manufacturer […]

How Gardening as a Hobby Improves Mental Health

Aside from the fact that it is great fun, there are studies to prove that gardening is great for mental health. That’s the reason, too, that you will find several gardening clubs in the city where you live. It makes you forget about the stress of urban life and is a way of unwinding and […]

Prosecco Grapesicles

Counting down the minutes to 2021! Just in time for the last blast of the year, here are a few foods to have on hand to be sure you get the best luck possible. Kick things off with these fun and easy Prosecco Grapesicles. Eating 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve is both a […]

Growing Your Own Food: The Health Benefits

As a divorced mum, money had always been an issue for me; but when Covid resulted in reduced hours of work and the corresponding pay cut, I was quite desperate. I have three growing children and I needed to put food on the table. I have always tried to make sure my kids get a […]

Spinach, Mushroom and Cheese Breakfast Casserole

Warm up your holiday with an easy, make ahead breakfast that is guaranteed to keep spirits bright. This Spinach, Mushroom and Cheese Breakfast Casserole is filled with cozy comfort. Studded with toasted cubes of rustic bread, it’s a stunning, cheesy, crunchy topped crowd pleaser.   I used canned evaporated milk in place of the half-and-half to […]

Cheddar Bacon Cheese Ball Bites 

The cheese ball: a harbinger of both Christmas past and present. It’s an old school app and it’s just what your party needs. Why make one cheeseball when you can make mini? These Cheddar Bacon Cheeseball Bites are poised for partying. With a handy pretzel handle, they’re a pandemic friendly, hands free option. Most of […]

The Garden Teaches Us How to Treat Our Customers

There’s no doubt about it – gardening doesn’t only come up with examples that can be applied in customer care. The plants teach us so many important life skills. Plants turn their faces to the sun, basking in the light and warmth needed for growth. They’re not distracted by adversity such as weeds but purposefully […]

Peppermint Candy Double-Chocolate Cookies and Fig and Ginger Truffles

We are two weeks into December. You should be baking cookies! Christmas isn’t Christmas without gingerbread, sugar, jam thumbprints and those cute little peanut butter cookies with the Hershey’s Kisses on top. Make everyone their favorite. They deserve it! Here are two sweet treats from Food Network that are guaranteed to tide you over with […]

Community Garden: Inspired To Turn Something Useless Into Something Productive

There is something seriously amazing when somebody does something extraordinary that nit changes their community for the better. One of these efforts is a community garden. It’s mind-boggling that we live in such a high-tech, sophisticated world. Still, not many people think of things like this – turning an ugly, littered vacant lot into something […]

Twice-Baked Potatoes

The holiday season is officially here! December 5th is National Comfort Food Day. It is also Repeal of Prohibition Day. Coincidence? I think not. But it definitely justifies a double celebration. Get your comfort where you can, and this week it’s Twice-Baked Potatoes that are guaranteed to make you feel all better.  Cheesy, fluffy, and […]

Leftover Turkey Waldorf Salad

There truly is no place like home. While we all prepare for the day that celebrates food and family best, we may only be gathering in spirit. Loved ones may be near or far, or may only be with us in memory, but the love in our hearts is strong. Our gatherings may be virtual, […]

Best Hobbies to Pursue During the Slowdown

It is typical not to know what to do with your downtime after being consumed with work for a long time. What used to appeal to you as hobbies may not anymore. It is time to explore new possibilities with some new hobbies. A useful hobby should not only be relaxing but be able to […]

How to Start a Gardening Business in 5 Steps

If you’ve been providing landscaping services for any amount of time, then you know that this is a pretty versatile industry. You can serve clients in the residential, commercial and public sectors. You can grow your business as large as you can handle. After all, everyone needs someone to keep their yard clean, neat, and […]

How to Select the Right Air Conditioner for a Room

An air conditioner is an essential element for your room that gives you fresh air, better sleep, among other benefits. Choosing the right air conditioner can be challenging, especially if you do not understand what it entails. Here are the crucial tips to consider. Space to Be Cooled The amount of space for your PTAC […]

Keeping Your House in Top Shape

If you want to ensure that your house doesn’t decrease in value, you will need to keep it in tip-top shape. It will mean some maintenance projects carried out from time to time. Without doing maintenance from time to time, you’ll soon see that your house begins to look uncared for and run down. Roof […]

Becoming a Burden on Your Children as You Age and How to Avoid It

Many parents fear becoming a burden on their children as they age. They feel it unfair to impose themselves on their kids who have busy lives of their own and might find looking after their parents a nuisance. There is also the fear many seniors have of surrendering their independence to their children. They balk […]

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