Month: May 2020

Nothing better than spring chinook

A couple of weeks ago, one of my sons and I made a quick trip to Eugene (exhibiting proper social distancing, using masks and doing hand sanitizing) to pick up some bees. We also ordered chinook salmon from Newman’s. (I miss them so much in Portland; best fish monger ever.) Last night, David and I […]

Strain Review: Cookies & Cream from My Weed Bunny

Cookies & Cream is a hybrid strain that was grown by My Weed Bunny (follow them on FB & IG) )a company located in Rainier, WA. Aside from flower they also make concentrates and edibles.


Little known fact: A lot of wrestling fans are avid tokers. I grew up watching WWF/WWE, it was one of my favorite rituals to enjoy with my pops. Fast forward to me at age 33

WTF Is A Twax & Can Medical/Rec Shops Sell Them? – Mrs. Nice Guy

I’m sure you’ve all seen what a twaxed up joint looks like, right? For those who are like “WTF is a Twax?”…all it means is that you’re adding concentrated cannabis in any form to your

Words From Henry Rollins On Legalization – Mrs. Nice Guy

For some reason or another, when I was a child and I’d see Henry Rollins on the tv, it’d scare the shit out of me. I don’t know why this happened, it could’ve been that

Women & Weed: Why Representation Matters – Mrs. Nice Guy

The first time I smoked weed was probably in the 8th grade. After persistent begging, my older sister and her friend caved in and gave me my first few puffs. High School is when I

Win A Free Pass To The Advanced Screening Of Gringo – Mrs. Nice Guy

There’s nothing better than getting high before a movie. Of course it depends on the strain, you want to be awake and focused, but when you find the right one that let’s you dive deep

The Weekend CBD Box – Mrs. Nice Guy

Over the last five years or so curated boxes have become quite popular. They have boxes for gamers/comic lovers, people who love to snack, makeup/beauty enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts, they even have curated boxes for your

Weed Porn: Wedding Cake – Mrs. Nice Guy

Wedding Cake aka Pink Cookies is a mix of GSC and Cherry Pie, two of my favs! I purchased this gram of Wedding Cake from Panacea and it was grown by Wildfire Farms. Sadly this

Weed Porn: Tangie Dream – Mrs. Nice Guy

This Tangie Dream Starter Kit is from Phantom Farms an Oregon Grower. I love the little kits they gave out at an event last year, I reviewed the Lemon Dream Starter Kit back in May.

Weed Porn: Star Trek – Mrs. Nice Guy

Star Trek was grown by Space Station Creations, a grower in Portland. I can’t remember when I purchased this from, but I know I was supposed to smoke it before the last Star Trek movie

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