Journey to enlightenment

Adopting my dog was a snap decision. It was Friday afternoon, just before Mother’s Day, when I checked online at the Humane Society for Southwest Washington. Several dogs were available, including a peculiar, little, red Dachshund with one blue and one brown eye. I had to meet him. I pushed and pushed, reassuring my fiancé, […]

Educational Event – Identifying and Managing Chronic Pain

If you work in the animal field, please join us for this free educational event: Identifying and Managing Chronic Pain. Learn to recognize pain in animals and options for treatment, including laser therapy, NSAIDs, supplements, narcotics, acupuncture, and rehab. Discussion will cover management of injuries, dental disease, feline cystitis, arthritis, ruptured discs, and more. Dr. […]

Volunteering With Animals

Reasons to volunteer with animals Getting to spend time with animals. Maybe you don’t have the time for a pet right now or your partner is allergic? Volunteering with animals allows you to get your “fix” without the commitment of a pet at home. The rewards of doing good. About 7 million animals enter shelters […]

Senior pet education

As the caregiver for two senior cats, I know first-hand the challenges that come when our furry companions start to age. My more elderly cat, Tiger Lily, has become decreasingly active, increasingly arthritic, a little hard of hearing, along with a gracefully tackling a host of medical issues, including hyperthyroidism, hypertension, and an acute onset of […]

Free Event for Animal Professionals

“Caring for the Senior Pet” Organized by the Animal Community Talks Presented by Dr. Christine Fletcher The Animal Community Talks project aims to provide education that is professional and accessible to those in the animal field. This presentation will help those in veterinary clinics, shelters, training facilities, and more to help their more senior companion […]

Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland – Transport Day

On Tuesday, September 16th, the Spay & Save program will be offering free spay/neuter for cats, along with transportation from the Tanasbourne Petco. To see if you qualify, call 503-802-6755. Spay & Save serves the Portland Metro area, including Clark County.  Daniela IancuOver the last ten years, I have worked and volunteer with many animal […]

Free Cat Spay/Neuter at OHS

The Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland serves Clark, Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties. Throughout the month of July, the Oregon Humane Society (an ASAP shelter partner), will be offering all their spay and neuter surgeries for free. Follow this link to learn more about the qualifications for this program. To schedule an appointment, call: 800-345-SPAY.   […]

August ACT Event – Massage and TTouch

Do you work or volunteer in the animal field? Would you like to learn more about massage and TTouch for animals? On August 23rd, at 2pm, we will be hearing from Rubi Sullivan of Heal Animal Massage and Lauren McCall of The Integrated Animal. If you would like to join us, please RSVP using this form or […]

Thirty Thousand Kittens

Are you a cat person? If yes, then the idea of a “kitten season” probably sounds like a dream come true. Kitten season is a real thing and – sadly – it is not a good thing for cats or the people who love them. Kitten season basically refers to the time of the year […]

May animal community talks

Join the Animal Community Talks at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, May 24: ‘Training Methods: No Two Trainers Are Exactly Alike’ by Mary Majchrowski of Bravo Dog Training ‘Desensitization and Counterconditioning: The Details Make All the Difference!’ by Dr. Christopher Pachel of the Animal Behavior Clinic This event is geared to those who work or volunteer in the animal field. RSVP here. […]

Joey The Lhasa Poo

Did you say treats? Who Wants a cookie? Joey does! A 2-year-old Lhasa poo mix, he can be a little shy at first, but give him a treat or two and he will be your best buddy. He is the perfect size for those in an apartment or I am sure he would love a […]

Guide Dog’s eye view – Angelina “speaks” out: how dogs help people

One of the places closest to our hearts -as people, dogs and dog people – and as Pac NW residents- is Washington State School for the Blind. The historic institution is right here in Vancouver, Washington. We started volunteering here and it has changed our lives in so many ways. The students, the staff, the volunteers- and […]

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  Dinky doxie Doodle takes his first river surf ride behind a waterski boat and you’re on board. Doodle Cam reveals the Dog’s eye view of surfing The Vancouver doxie weighs 14 pounds – wet. He’s a junior surf dog in training, rescued from a local shelter, following the paw prints of three dog bro’s […]

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Drum roll please: “Ooooo – wipe-out!” A surf dog’s first hang 20 attempt

Doodle’s big adventure is a surfin’ safari – he’s a surf dog wanna-be. This is a Vancouver/Columbia Gorge surf doxie in training – last seen riding a carry on bag out of PDX, bound for Southern California. Doodle’s surfin’ safari led him away from the coast- to the CA/AZ desert, for river surfing… behind a ski boat… on the Colorado River. And, well, it’s a good thing […]

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Norman Rockwell said it best:

  An optional Saturday Evening Post headline might read: At the vets’ with a sick dog. A week after surgery, worried sick about your best friend. Biopsy results.   That kid’s face says it all. That kid is me. Sometimes, we humans find it hard to speak. Maybe that’s another thing dogs and humans have […]

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Friends in life, friends in surgery

If you asked best buds Elvis and Dude about their day, they might say it was no big deal.  Dr. Ann Brown, the country vet and Hedy, their favorite vet tech, performed back to back surgeries on the basset boys this morning. One dog watched while the other got stitched and then they swapped positions. […]

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Sand and sea: the original Dog Beach

We flew into San Diego and over the original Dog Beach, the first leash-free beach in America. From the air, you can see huge dog paw prints from sidewalk to sand, surrounded by palm trees. All over those big cement paws, you can see a sea of “ants” –  dogs, dog people surfers and swimmers […]

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I am a carry-on bag dog

As per doxie Doodle: Here we are, at PDX. Dogs are few and far between but the people watching is interesting.  I’m Doodle, a Vancouver mini surf doxie. I’m a little over a year old (in human years.) I grew up as a pound pup but then I rescued a family of surfers. One of those surfers is  […]

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