Month: December 2014

Volunteering With Animals

Reasons to volunteer with animals Getting to spend time with animals. Maybe you don’t have the time for a pet right now or your partner is allergic? Volunteering with animals allows you to get your “fix” without the commitment of a pet at home. The rewards of doing good. About 7 million animals enter shelters […]

Not Just A Cold…

I look at my schedule every morning with my assistant.  We troubleshoot things—who needs a lab test or an Xray before being seen, or an ECG or a wheelchair; would a patient’s needs be better met at an Emergency Room rather than our primary care office. One day on reviewing the list, we found a […]

Creamy Scrambled Eggs for Dinner

This fall, My Pirate’s work schedule shifted from traveling out-of-town four days a week to an in-town local route without a long commute. After years of us living opposite hours, now he gets up at 5:30 in the morning to go to work and he’s home every night for dinner. I’m thrilled to have him […]

Cranberry Chutney Infused Vodka

Several weeks before Thanksgiving, I looked into my garage fridge at a leftover bottle of vodka and a thawing container of homemade cranberry chutney and decided to mix the two together just to see what would happen. I imagined a cranberry chutney flavored liquor to serve as a Thanksgiving themed martini. It didn’t turn out […]

Parsnip and Barley Soup with Chicken

Barnaby and I are home sick with a cold this week. Yes, that’s right. The dog and I are sniffling and coughing together on the couch watching old sci-fi movies while My Pirate tends to us. Barnaby picked up a case of kennel cough from his dog park friends. My (poor) Pirate is home on […]

Reuben Panini Sandwich

I recently learned that my Artichoke Glow photograph was selected to compete in the Peoples Choice portion of the Oregonian’s garden photo contest. I was elated. I grew up reading the Oregonian and always looked forward to seeing the garden photo winners announced in late December. It brightened my spirit to see so much beauty […]

Why Mike Riley’s departure from Oregon State is a win all the way around

It wasn’t shocking news today that the University of Nebraksa plucked its next head coach from an Oregon college. The shocking news was that it wasn’t former Cornhusker national-champion quarterback and current Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost, but the coach who has seemingly been at Oregon State forever, Mike Riley who was named the newest […]

One Day at a Time

Health Notes -One Day at a Time   “I think it’s just a virus, a stomach  virus,  Really.  My wife had the same thing.”  The wizened man looked at me, just above my eyes. “I’ve been married 67 years.”   The 87 year old man smile slightly. He was actually frightened, but could not say […]

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