Month: April 2014

Record Setting Temperatures Today & Tomorrow Across Region

  Daytime temperatures will soar today and Thursday as mother nature turns up the heat on the Pacific Northwest for the first time since last fall. A ridge of high pressure continues to build across the region today and will hold through Friday before a return to cooler and perhaps even wetter weather over the […]

Scalloped Sweet Potato ‘n Apple

With spring well under way and summer begging to come a bit early, it’s time to add a touch of sweet to our savory. Yes? Yes, ma’am. Please and thank you. We all have memories of scalloped potatoes — some better than others. Here’s a Paleo in a Pinch twist on a classic favorite. I’ve […]

What the Sterling mess is really all about, and how we can learn from it

My apologies for not having written in awhile…vacations, a busy spring sports season and a case of writer’s block have contributed to the absence. But along comes Donald Sterling, a man whose surname means one thing but he as a man is anything but. And man do I have the writing bug again…. For those […]

Thorns Unveil 2013 NWSL Champions Banner at Home Opener

Near the Portland Timbers Ring of Honor up above the General Admission area of Providence Park, The first Championship Banner to be hung in the city of Portland since the blazers won the NBA championship 35 years ago was revealed to the crowd at the rainy Thorns home Opener. It’s cold and wet but the […]

Thorns game thread

    This game can be watched live on youtube. highlights will be available on the NWSL youtube page after the game. The Thorns have started in a Diamond Midfield 4-4-2. This image above is correct for the backline and the forwards but Angie Kerr has been playing on the left side of the diamond […]

Thorns Home Opener

The Portland Thorns return home this Saturday after pulling 4 points from their first two road games this season.  The home opener will be the first opportunity for new head coach Paul Riley and a number of new players to play in front of a Portland crowd that more than doubled the attendance of the […]

Joey The Lhasa Poo

Did you say treats? Who Wants a cookie? Joey does! A 2-year-old Lhasa poo mix, he can be a little shy at first, but give him a treat or two and he will be your best buddy. He is the perfect size for those in an apartment or I am sure he would love a […]

Fitness Uses For Office Furniture

The image of countless workers exercising at their desks might serve as the fodder for office jokes, but it might not seem as crazy as it sounds. One of the greatest enemies to a  long and functional life, are activities that keep the  human body sedentary for inordinate amounts of time.  Take a moment to […]

Agility Begins At Childhood

This past week I had the pleasure of putting on a speed and agility clinic for young athletes.  What makes these clinics and workshops enlightening is the broad spectrum of athletic ability each of the youngsters represents when they are taught to perform  various techniques that enhance their movement skills. As a teacher, part of […]


BEFORE THE MASSES became addicted to television around the middle of the 20th Century, newspapers by and large announced the big stories of the day, i.e.: LINDBERGH FLIES THE ATLANTIC (1927); WALL STREET LAYS AN EGG (1929); BONNIE & CLYDE RIDDLED WITH BULLETS (1934); OAHU BOMBED BY JAPANESE PLANES (1941); NIXON & KENNEDY MEET FACE-TO-FACE […]

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Basecamp anyone?

Basecamp is one of those tools that you’ve probably heard of, but have no clue what it is for.  The question you need to ask yourself (if you are a small business), is – why are you not on basecamp yet? Click here to read more about Basecamp, straight from the company. Making projects so […]

Grammar hard-liners

On slow mail days, journalists can often depend on grammar hard-liners to contribute a lecture or two to the newsroom inbox. Grammar isn’t always black and white, but some readers have strong opinions, or pet peeves, about how grammar should be handled. Many of the letters come from English teachers who are on a mission […]

The Best Picnic Food- Apple Pie!

With the arrival of good weather all I can think about is picnic style food. Last week it was potato salad, this week it is apple pie! If you recall, last fall I picked apples with friends, pressed cider at our annual neighborhood apple pressing party on Halloween weekend and then canned an apple pie […]

Some readers impart wisdom

For sure, most journalists in the newspaper business get, ah, love notes. They usually fall into two categories: Bad and really bad. Such is life. Nowadays, they come by email, although on occasion they will come from the post office. Then there’s the phone message. Hey, here’s an example. Just another fan. Lou BrancaccioEditor of […]

We’ve got mail

Lots of mail. Yes, as a media organization we receive mountains of mail, or at least you could envision mountains if we hit the Print button every time something popped into our email inboxes or our phone voicemail boxes. Thankfully, we do not do this. We simply hit Reply or possibly, yes, Delete. Some of […]

To Screen or Not to Screen…

Screening for disease.  It makes sense to try to find a disease before symptoms arise.  Unfortunately not all diseases or conditions lend themselves to screening, and not all screening tests offer the same value.   Inappropriate screening can lead to over-diagnosis or mis-diagnosis with a false positive test.  That can lead to further testing , […]

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Ideal length for everything online

I’ve seen some great recommendations, but this list is a great combination of suggested lengths of anything you either submit online, or compose for eventual use online!  Finally, there are lines drawn in the sand.  : )  if you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of setting standards on the Web – not to deny […]

Potato Salad Time!

I don’t particularly like russet potatoes and I definitely do not like radishes- both key ingredients in our family’s potato salad recipe. Now, I can choke down a baked potato if there’s nothing else to eat (and I have dump truck full of butter, maybe some cheese) and if radishes where the last food on […]

Been another busy week…

For those of you who don’t know it – we’re doing some great things in our ‘digital services’ group at The Columbian, where we are making a serious push to get clients signed for websites, mobile websites, SEO and video production. We had a consultant come in and aid/assist us in selling a package of […]

Homemade Buttermilk

I grew up drinking buttermilk thanks to my grandma. She also cultivated in me a deep regard for coffee and All My Children. When Grandma was moved from her home into a convalescent hospital, I lost my buttermilk-drinking buddy (and an awful lot more). Through the years I kept my coffee habit going, and caught […]

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