August ACT Event – Massage and TTouch

Do you work or volunteer in the animal field? Would you like to learn more about massage and TTouch for animals? On August 23rd, at 2pm, we will be hearing from Rubi Sullivan of Heal Animal Massage and Lauren McCall of The Integrated Animal. If you would like to join us, please RSVP using this form or […]

Summer Time Tips

I hope everyone has been enjoying our Pacific Northwest summer! I have been a busy bee out in our yard; trimming, planting, digging. I love walking outside to the chicken coop in the mornings in flip-flops and getting some of the wetness of the grass on my feet. Little things like that make me happy. […]

Thirty Thousand Kittens

Are you a cat person? If yes, then the idea of a “kitten season” probably sounds like a dream come true. Kitten season is a real thing and – sadly – it is not a good thing for cats or the people who love them. Kitten season basically refers to the time of the year […]

Crazy Chicken Lady

Last Spring we brought home fifteen chicks from the feed store. It was our first time owning chickens, and we didn’t even have our coop built yet. The coop went up as the chicks grew out of their box in our spare room, then grew out of the brooder box in our garage, then when […]

May animal community talks

Join the Animal Community Talks at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, May 24: ‘Training Methods: No Two Trainers Are Exactly Alike’ by Mary Majchrowski of Bravo Dog Training ‘Desensitization and Counterconditioning: The Details Make All the Difference!’ by Dr. Christopher Pachel of the Animal Behavior Clinic This event is geared to those who work or volunteer in the animal field. RSVP here. […]

Joey The Lhasa Poo

Did you say treats? Who Wants a cookie? Joey does! A 2-year-old Lhasa poo mix, he can be a little shy at first, but give him a treat or two and he will be your best buddy. He is the perfect size for those in an apartment or I am sure he would love a […]

Homemade Buttermilk

I grew up drinking buttermilk thanks to my grandma. She also cultivated in me a deep regard for coffee and All My Children. When Grandma was moved from her home into a convalescent hospital, I lost my buttermilk-drinking buddy (and an awful lot more). Through the years I kept my coffee habit going, and caught […]

Ode to Mason Jar

Oh, Mason Jar, how I love thee. Beautiful Mason Jar, for so long you were only used to preserve our delicious food. Stored away in a cellar or dark pantry for weeks or months. One day someone realized how versatile you could be and it was like a new species was discovered. I love you […]

New Year Puppies

 These Borzoi puppies were born early on Jan 3.  I’ve not been a parent, but I sure understand how parents say, when you hold the new born, the worries and cares of the world melt away, and all that is important at the moment is that new born.   These puppies have the pedigree to be […]

Big Brother “Willie” Leads the Way

Sometime during all the holiday hustle our 5 month old puppy “Taj” decided to no longer climb the stairs. It would now require my husband hoisting him up the first flight to the landing and then Taj would continue on his own hovering against the wall for safety. The lower flight of stairs for which […]

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry, or Sambucus Nigra, is a berry plant native to Europe that has been shown to help prevent and treat the flu, cold, and other respiratory ailments by boosting the immune system. The berry is high in vitamin C, as well as other vitamins and minerals. I tried some elderberry syrup for the first time […]

Citrus Vinegar Cleaner

I’ve used diluted white vinegar as an all natural cleaner for a long time now; I use it on windows, floors, mirrors, countertops, even on carpet to remove smelly stains. When the vinegar dries it doesn’t leave a vinegary smell, and it’s safe to use around kids and pets. To make my homemade cleaner even […]

Homemade Lip Balm

It is darn cold out lately. I have been gathering supplies to make homemade Christmas gifts with, and so when I woke up this morning and read the temperature on our outdoor thermometer I decided that today was a great day to stay inside and put those supplies to use! Today’s homemade gift is peppermint […]

Dog’s Life Test Post

Test Post from Dog’s Life. This is a test post, and i’m in the middle of adding the test post information/body/content. This is a test post, and i’m in the middle of adding the test post information/body/content. This is a test post, and i’m in the middle of adding the test post information/body/content. This is a test post, and […]

Puppies on the way

I’ve been busy trying to study for mid-terms, when right in the midst of it all, my girl came into season early. I’ve been wanting puppies from her line: Winning show dogs with amazing personalities. Also, they are very smart, which though challenging, makes for great field and obedience dogs. I would really like to […]

Willie, Taj, and Miss Chubbs

Recently, as I was getting Taj back into the house after play time, he noticed an unusually large yellow figure lumbering along toward the back door. She caught my eye as well and, of course, Willie’s attention too. He bolted back out the door while Taj ran under my legs for cover. It was our […]

Willie and Taj Mud Brothers

It finally happened! Taj and Willie are playing together after weeks of uncertainty. I believe that Willie was fearful of hurting the little guy when he first came home. But now Taj is over 20 pounds and it’s all paws on deck. They romp and mouth each other constantly, sometimes worrying me that they play […]

I Hate Raccoons

  Coonhound paralysis, aka Coon Fever, as well as distemper, rabies, parvo and just plan nasty scratches and bites.  I hate raccoons.  This past Friday, all 4fourof my dogs were a bloody mess from a run in with a raccoon in the yard.  My boy’s face doesn’t look so bad with eight stitches holding his lip closed. […]

Willie’s New Baby Brother Taj

It’s a busy household with our newest member Taj. He is now 8 weeks old and getting cuter by the day. I think the house-breaking has been accomplished – another doggy diploma for me! Willie and Taj are now beginning to play thanks to our son. Sean surprised me and came home from college for […]

Double Merle Lethal White – Deaf dog working

Any breed of dog that carries a merle gene can sometimes produce a condition called double merle. Double merle is not albino. Careful breeding and making sure the right people adopt the right dog has gone a long way to stop the needless mistreatment and premature death of some of these deaf and/or blind double-merle […]

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