Month: June 2014

Mudslide Trifle

So, I figured it out. A mudslide, which can be an awful, devastating natural disaster but also makes for a very interesting title for a gooey, chocolatey dessert, is represented in the following way here: the brownies are the big rocks and boulders, the chocolate pudding is the (hello!) mud, and the whipped cream . . . […]

Thirty Thousand Kittens

Are you a cat person? If yes, then the idea of a “kitten season” probably sounds like a dream come true. Kitten season is a real thing and – sadly – it is not a good thing for cats or the people who love them. Kitten season basically refers to the time of the year […]

Two local brewers included in beer challenge

Clark County’s Loowit and Amnesia brewing companies will be part of a four-round taste-off competition between regional brewers at New Seasons Market this summer. Each weekend for three weekends, visitors to the New Seasons Fishers Landing store at 2100B SE 164th Ave. can vote for one beer to qualify for a final weekend taste-off. The […]

Brewer Chat with Eric Surface of Mt. Tabor

FIRST IN A SERIES OF CLARK COUNTY BREWERY ENTREPRENURIAL INTERVIEWS By Cody Gray When I was thinking about PlacementSEO, I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Eric Surface, owner of Mt. Tabor Brewing, to discuss what it’s like to be a Brewery Entrepreneur. With some assistance from my friends Kim Bishop, Debbie Garrett […]

Loowit wins two Washington Beer Awards

Vancouver’s Loowit Brewing Company has won two medals in the 2014 Washington Beer Awards. The company won gold for its Two-Sixteen Red Ale in the Irish Red Ale category and bronze for its Shimmergloom Stout in the Irish/British Stout category. In 2013, Loowit also won gold at the same event for Vandalia Summer Ale in […]


THE WORLD CUP kicked off to global fanfare in Sao Paulo on June 12. One billion people around the planet stopped what they were doing to take it in. In America, 100 million fans will tune in the Brazilian matches. I watched the wonderfully colorful Opening Ceremony on KUNP, the UNIVISION affiliate in Portland. You […]

Dumber, but nicer? Why we use Facebook comments

Every so often someone contacts us to complain that they do not like having to use Facebook to comment on articles. Exhibit A – A recent email message from a reader: Your own online poll asks readers which social media portal they use/favor; with more than 1100 respondents, 56 % say “none”. Yet, if I want […]


You’ve probably heard about the 40 US military veterans who dropped dead whilst on a “Wait List” at the VA Hospital in Phoenix, AZ; it was two-years long. But do you know about the “Wait List” for subsidized living quarters at the Vancouver Housing Authority? It’s six-years long. They say 747 Clark County citizens are […]

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