Month: February 2014

Take advantage of the good weather…switch baseball and football in the PNW

BLOGGER’S NOTE – I have decided to discontinue the three-part “Little League Lessons” blog posts. The subject matter as well as the blog format make this topic not a good fit for these pages. I apologize for the confusion. I posed this question on my Facebook page last week whether baseball and football should switch […]

Ohhh, my aching….. head!

When is a headache not a headache? When it’s a sign that there is something else more serious going on….. that’s what we all worry about with our off-and-on aches and pains, but headache pain is particularly worrisome. We fear bleeds, stroke, cancers, seizures…. Fortunately most headaches are not dangerous and can be easily managed […]

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Ghost debunking in 1876

From the Vancouver Independant, January 22, 1876 (a predecessor to The Columbian) comes this ghost tale: A Haunted House How Dr. Todd exorcised the spirits. The following incident is from the autobiography of Dr. John Todd, recently published. Hardly were they settled in their new home when there began to be rumors that the house […]

Creamy Mexican Turkey Soup

I happened upon this soup recipe by accident. Cleaning out my freezer, I found a leftover package of Thanksgiving turkey. I had grand ideas of baking a turkey pot pie and this recipe was somehow in that category on Pinterest. I am so glad I did find it though. Since finding this recipe a few weeks […]

Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Did you know… Spaghetti Squash, when cooked, shreds like ribbons or strands, like spaghetti. Spaghetti Squash contains many nutrients including folic acid, vitamin A and beta carotene. Spaghetti Squash averages 42 calories per cup. Spaghetti Squash seeds can be roasted just like pumpkin seeds.  A great low-carb, nutricious snack. Spaghetti Squash Casserole Ingredients Cooking spray […]

Don’t Laugh At The Calve

Okay, so it’s a play with words.  The “calves” I’m speaking of are not of the bovine variety.  In fact they reside on that lower portion of the leg below the knee and comprise the “meat” of the lower leg. The human calves, can be a site to behold whether they are small and thin, […]

Out of the Mouth of Babes……

I read Greg Jayne’s article on the “Truth about Common Core”…. I responded to him with a few things I have learned about standards over the last couple of decades.  However, the student in the attached video really adds a perspective that few adults will ever understand. Too bad….. it’s our youth that are paying […]

Kids these days…!

Growing up there were some foods that I loved and could not wait for my mom to make, like meat loaf, ham and navy bean soup and pot roast – all very down to earth, home-style and what my daughter would call old-fashioned cooking. I can no more get her to eat these things than […]

Historic February Arctic Blast Recap

  As the big thaw continues, the winter of 2013/14 will go down in the record books after three unprecedented February snow and ice storms in just five days blanketed the region. As of Monday morning, the Portland International Airport has received more than 7″ of snowfall for the month of February. This now qualifies […]

New Year Puppies

 These Borzoi puppies were born early on Jan 3.  I’ve not been a parent, but I sure understand how parents say, when you hold the new born, the worries and cares of the world melt away, and all that is important at the moment is that new born.   These puppies have the pedigree to be […]

Little League Lessons – How a boy realized his dream (and let it slip away) – Part 1 – The Beginning

This blog post is part one of a three-part story about baseball and a boy, and a girl, and a boy, and then several boys, and then eventually men and women…and then one man who always made it about himself, but didn’t deal with the one thing he should have. PART ONE – THE BEGINNING […]

Getting ready for baby…

Upon the recent arrival of my new great-niece, I’m posting about preparing for pregnancy.  Since almost half of all pregnancies are unplanned, being prepared now for those of reproductive age will help achieve the best and healthiest outcomes. Chronic illness, infection, poor nutrition, under- or over-weight and unhealthy habits (such as tobacco or substance use) […]

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Big Brother “Willie” Leads the Way

Sometime during all the holiday hustle our 5 month old puppy “Taj” decided to no longer climb the stairs. It would now require my husband hoisting him up the first flight to the landing and then Taj would continue on his own hovering against the wall for safety. The lower flight of stairs for which […]

vaccination redux

Even though the false theory about vaccination-related autism has been thoroughly debunked and discredited, the original article withdrawn and the researcher originating the myth having lost his medical license, the myth persists. As a result, many families still avoid vaccinations. One of the sad results is this mistaken action is contributing to the resurgence of […]

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The Peril of Eating to Perfection

It’s called “Orthorexia” – an eating disorder marked by such an acutely perfectionist approach to eating, that those who suffer from if are often socially isolated and ironically, can result in malnutrition. While these criteria could easily be construed as desirable to the person that insists they gain weight by just looking at food, it […]

Make sure fitness comparisons are realistic

Several years ago, I remember smiling when I read the wording on a guys T-shirt that said, “The older I get, and the better I was.” Lately, this humorous adage has taken on certain reality of its own as I reflect on other comparisons people make. One of the key tenets of working as a […]

Working Against Nausea When Fitness Training

There have been very few fitness enthusiasts who at one time or another didn’t experience nausea during or after their workouts. This event can pose as a major inconvenience as it requires a person to wait until either the discomfort subsides, or bee-line it to the bathroom in the event the most recent meal decides […]

Arctic Blast This Week, Snow Possible Next Weekend

The groundhog says six more weeks of winter and mother nature is going to deliver. Computer model guidance is now locked in on a solution that will bring a rare February arctic blast to the Pacific Northwest beginning Tuesday and lasting throughout the week. By next weekend, there is the potential for an area wide […]

A Super Blog post….offering my thoughts/prediction on the big game…

Ahh….Super Bowl 48…the battle of the irresistible force (Denver’s offense) vs. the immovable object (Seattle’s defense)…the collision course we saw coming at around Thanksgiving has finally come to a head tomorrow as the Broncos and the Seahawks will do battle this Sunday for all the marbles. I didn’t want to be the only blogger in […]

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