Author: Nan

Big Brother “Willie” Leads the Way

Sometime during all the holiday hustle our 5 month old puppy “Taj” decided to no longer climb the stairs. It would now require my husband hoisting him up the first flight to the landing and then Taj would continue on his own hovering against the wall for safety. The lower flight of stairs for which […]

Willie, Taj, and Miss Chubbs

Recently, as I was getting Taj back into the house after play time, he noticed an unusually large yellow figure lumbering along toward the back door. She caught my eye as well and, of course, Willie’s attention too. He bolted back out the door while Taj ran under my legs for cover. It was our […]

Willie and Taj Mud Brothers

It finally happened! Taj and Willie are playing together after weeks of uncertainty. I believe that Willie was fearful of hurting the little guy when he first came home. But now Taj is over 20 pounds and it’s all paws on deck. They romp and mouth each other constantly, sometimes worrying me that they play […]

Willie’s New Baby Brother Taj

It’s a busy household with our newest member Taj. He is now 8 weeks old and getting cuter by the day. I think the house-breaking has been accomplished – another doggy diploma for me! Willie and Taj are now beginning to play thanks to our son. Sean surprised me and came home from college for […]

Willie’s New Baby Brother

Yes, we did it last weekend — adopted a nearly 7-week-old black lab puppy! He’s adorable, very small and quite young. We named him Taj after the blues musician Taj Mahal. I only have a moment to sit and write this blog because literally I am running to take care of all Taj’s puppy needs […]

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