Month: September 2013

Fall is in the air!

When the Pumpkin Spice Latte hits Starbucks fans everywhere…  that means its time to gear up…   Other than the over sized scarves and the brown boots, Pumpkin is a huge fashion statement for fall. They are so versatile and used in many different ways for many different reasons. You can carve them and throw them […]

Baked Lemon Thyme Mushrooms

On a gray, stormy Sunday this week, I baked a batch of these lemon thyme mushrooms. The dish smells unbelievable while cooking in the oven, but when the richness of the mushrooms mixes with savory thyme, bright lemon, and sharp parmesan cheese, it tastes even better. Lemon thyme mushrooms would make a wonderful side dish […]

This Analogy Doesn’t Exactly Fit

You’ve probably seen the graphics using a family budget as an analogy for federal spending. Well, the Washington Post has an interesting take on that. The analogy, as presented by the Heritage Foundation, goes like this: — The median family income in the United States is $52,000 . . . — If they spent money […]

Blackberry Cobbler

Is there still time for one more summer berry recipe? Ah, who am I kidding? There’s always time for cobbler! We take cobblers very seriously in my family, always with the goal of bringing the best cobbler to the family reunion. Great Aunt Mary is the cobbler champion, of course, but this recipe may be […]

Shrimp Risotto

Though risotto, the creamy, Italian rice dish, is one of the most common meals in Italy, it is also one of the most versatile. Risotto can be made with chicken, beef, or vegetable stock, it features everything from peas to pancetta, mussels to mushrooms, and may be served as a first course or the main […]

Thorns Celebrate Title at Jeld -Wen today

The last time a Portland franchise won a title was the 1977 Trail Blazers.  That changed Saturday in Rochester, NY. After beating the Western NY Flash on the road, and returning home to a pretty large crowd at PDX, Portland Thorns FC are officially celebrating today at Jeld-Wen Field. Party starts at noon, or you […]

Willie’s New Baby Brother Taj

It’s a busy household with our newest member Taj. He is now 8 weeks old and getting cuter by the day. I think the house-breaking has been accomplished – another doggy diploma for me! Willie and Taj are now beginning to play thanks to our son. Sean surprised me and came home from college for […]

The Liberty Amendments

  Mark Levin’s new book ,The Liberty Amendments” lays out a strategy to restore the balance of power that was originally intended by the framers of our constitution. Levin, points out the abuses of power by  presidents, congress and the supreme court that have led to the loss of freedom, out of control federal spending, […]

Double Merle Lethal White – Deaf dog working

Any breed of dog that carries a merle gene can sometimes produce a condition called double merle. Double merle is not albino. Careful breeding and making sure the right people adopt the right dog has gone a long way to stop the needless mistreatment and premature death of some of these deaf and/or blind double-merle […]

Walnut Pesto Pasta

They say it isn’t easy being green, but I think this recipe proves otherwise. With a recent bounty of basil from my summer vegetable garden, I whipped up a weekday meal of walnut pesto pasta. The addition of walnuts to the pesto makes it rich and smooth, while the cloves of garlic add the perfect […]

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