Forward into the Past – Portland Timbers 2016

Portland Timbers open the season defending their MLS Cup this weekend and I can't even begin to imagine the atmosphere we'll witness. For those local to Portland - what a day […]

Girls basketball computer challenge: Score Czar vs. MaxPreps

If you haven’t had the chance, take a look at the piece by Scott Sandsberry of the Yakima Herald on the wacky world of WIAA state seeding process. In the piece, Sandsberry suggests Washington follow Oregon’s model and use computer rankings to seed the state tournaments. But which computer ranking would Washington use? Well, we have […]

Candidate Julie Olson weighs in on new offices

[caption id="attachment_44846" align="alignright" width="225"] Julie Olson, candidate for the Clark County council District 2 seat[/caption] Clark County council candidate Julie Olson is not pleased about the possible cost to install new […]

5 Reasons to Collect Art

Collecting artwork can seem daunting. The question I hear most often is, “How do I know which artwork to buy?” The short answer to that- buy something that speaks to […]

66 wrestlers from Columbian’s readership area to Mat Classic

Here is the list of wrestlers from The Columbian's readership area who will be competing for state championships at Mat Classic in the Tacoma Dome on Friday and Saturday. (Please […]

What did we learn from the Shutdown?

 DC Politicians don’t care about the deficit    It is true that the government shutdown didn’t start with concern about raising the debt ceiling but in the end the winners were Obama and the democrats and the losers were the American people.  It is obvious that Obama has no intention of doing anything about our […]

The Liberty Amendments

  Mark Levin’s new book ,The Liberty Amendments” lays out a strategy to restore the balance of power that was originally intended by the framers of our constitution. Levin, points out the abuses of power by  presidents, congress and the supreme court that have led to the loss of freedom, out of control federal spending, […]

The High Stakes Testing Myth

The belief that high stakes testing will bring any improvement to our public schools is built on an ounce of wishful thinking, a pound of good intentions, and a ton of ignorance. Consider the recent history of high stakes testing in the state of Washington. We spent more than a decade and a billion dollars […]

Unintended Consequences

I read the newspaper almost every day. Would that make me an expert in running a newspaper? Some people regularly fly in airplanes. Would that make them an expert in running an airline? Most people would say that those assumptions are ridiculous but when it comes to education many people believe they know how to […]

State Mandates Millions by school districts

It is unbelievable that at the same time the state is going to make major cuts in education expenditures, they are putting a $300 million dollar unfunded mandate on school districts around the state. You can thank Gov Gregoire, Superintendent Randy Dorn, and the democratically controlled Washington legislature for this insanity. There is not one […]

Washington Legislature is poised to give away their legislative control over Education

Consumer Education 101: What do you say to a salesman who tells you that he will give you double the quantity of your purchase but you must buy right now? Answer: You don’t say anything…. You run like Hell! The Washington state legislature has made a lot of bad educational decisions but the one they […]

Democracy Denied

It’s ironic that while we are watching Egyptians half way around the globe fight for democracy, we are being denied democracy right here in the state of Washington. Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos of the 37th district, chairman of the house education committee, is refusing to have a hearing on HB1891, a bill to delay the […]

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