Month: March 2016

US Men’s National Team Mauls the Minnow Guatemala 4-nil

This should have been the repeat headline from last week – and thankfully the last week headline wasn’t a repeat this week! I’ll be the first (probably 100th though) person to congratulate the players on their performance yesterday – well done lads! Now the grist – with the caveat “I’m still frustrated”!  It’s my view […]


36 Portraits

“I just want each painting to say something. Even though it is a portrait, can they see the joy in these womens’ faces?” – Hilarie Couture Artist Hilarie Couture painted 36 portraits of influential women in Clark County. The portraits will be on display at popular Vancouver locations from May to December. Click for full […]

Moneyball 2 – Soccer Statistics – Taking it to the next level

Probably the biggest leader in soccer analytics (Prozone Sports) have released two products in the last year, or so, that should begin to change the landscape of soccer statistics. I applaud their actions but I’m still not convinced they scratch the right itch, or least my question; what are the best statistics available to better understand […]

Blog RESTART with healthy living tips

Sated Sensitive back in business after a long hiatus… figuring things out.  I’m now living a fuller life with the integration of more healthy living tips into my daily routine.  Thank you for your patience. I’m a mid life career changer.  I’ve done a little bit of this and that – US Marines,’er, wa […]

Forward into the Past – Portland Timbers 2016

Portland Timbers open the season defending their MLS Cup this weekend and I can't even begin to imagine the atmosphere we'll witness. For those local to Portland - what a day […]


Garage Sale Man

“I have two associates, two bachelor’s and a master’s. Now I sell junk. I’ve done a lot of different things in my life.” – Dean Yankee The sales and salvage side of Yankee’s Custom Farming was born as a garage sale no one else wanted to have. Yankee would take in boats and tractors, fix them […]

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