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Healthy Living Cooked vs raw: Cooked wins

Healthy Living Question:  Does your body desire cooked vs raw food?  Do you strive to eat more raw foods and feel sluggish and bloated?  Consider switching to consuming more cooked food to jump start your healthy living eating program.  I am currently enrolled in Vancouver Yoga Center‘s 200 hour yoga teacher trainer course instructed by […]

MOOD BOOSTER Vitamin D – NOT just for bones

  As the dreary gray days continue here in Clark County coupled with the switch this weekend to daylight savings time (HATE!), so many people at my gym Battleground Snap Fitness – have shared with me that they’re feeling bluesy, tired, sleepy and depressed. What can you do about it?  Consider evaluating your Vitamin D […]

mmmmm Healthy Living Baked Gluten Free and Dairy Free Do’h nuts

Every 3rd Sunday, I bake healthy gluten free treats for the Battleground FourSquare Church – so I’m always searching for new and exciting recipes! I spied this B-A-K-E-D Sweet Potato Donuts with Chocolate Coconut recipe from Ambitious Kitchen blog  Inspired, I made a few changes for us Gluten Free and Dairy Free Sensitive bakers.  Here’s […]

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD – Black Coffee and Delish Dairy Free Creamer

Many years ago when I transitioned to dairy free living, I sadly gave up my coffee creamer.  Having served in the U.S. Marine Corps it should have been an easy transition back to black coffee (lol!) but it wasn’t. Over time, I got used to a new way of dairy free healthy living.  If the […]

It’s TEA time ~ Herbal Tea Healthy Living Benefits

For centuries, people in every culture have used herbs and spices to enhance the taste of food and drink as well as to support, protect and heal their bodies. Passed from generation to generation, the wealth of information about the healing powers of herbs and spices for our physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual selves […]

A Refreshed Healthy Living Path for 2017

FROM THE KITCHEN OF SATED SENSITIVE DENISE HAYS With the first few days of 2017 under our belts and the unusual weather pattern of more snow and ice…It’s that time of year when we typically go inward to assess last years performance – and chart a refreshed healthy living path for the new year. Looking […]

Blog RESTART with healthy living tips

Sated Sensitive back in business after a long hiatus… figuring things out.  I’m now living a fuller life with the integration of more healthy living tips into my daily routine.  Thank you for your patience. I’m a mid life career changer.  I’ve done a little bit of this and that – US Marines,’er, wa […]

Orange is the new Moroccan Carrot Dip

    Well Orange is the New Black (OINB) dropped into my Netflix queue just the other day.  I haven’t opened it up cause I know I’ll just binge watch until the whole season is gone.  In honor of my favorite color and OINB – here is one of my all time healthy living favorite recipes: MOROCCAN […]

ZIP Chips – delightful healthy snack made in CAMAS, WA!

  I’m always on the look out for healthy living snacks that are all natural, free of dairy, soy, gluten and peanuts and here’s the kicker – THEY MUST TASTE GREAT!  I’m not looking to settle for that cardboard, sticks and twigs taste healthy alternative – I’m looking for the real deal amazing delicious snack with good […]

Delish – Spring Herbed Zucchini Goat Cheese Fritters

SPRING HERBED ZUCCHINI GOAT CHEESE FRITTERS Just last weekend, I made these tasty spring appetizers.  My husband and I were invited to a potluck Easter dinner.  I wanted to bring something for the sensitive foodie so we could all enjoy a healthy living snack before our meal.  I opted to bake these in the oven […]

Returning to a NEW normal ‘love of food’

Returning to a NEW normal "love of food.  Gluten Free Waffles with Cinnamon Ginger Pear Compote With the time conversion complete, today I slept in.  My husband's gone on a "man […]

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