Month: April 2015

Vanilla Chai Scones

Hearts represent love. Circles represent continuity. And scones represent a magnificent thing that always looks harmoniously correct when sitting next to a steaming mug of coffee/tea. It’s like someone in a bakery (probably in 1920′s Paris because I just imagine that’s where a lot of cool things took place) just happened to drink some hot […]

Today’s breakups are plugged in

Taxes and romantic bust-ups. It’s April, the “cruelest month.” Based on unimpeachable data like miserable status announcements and no-comment relationship switches on Facebook — or in the hallway between classes — smart statisticians and even smarter high school students have confirmed that partnerships tend to explode between Thanksgiving and Christmas and then early in the […]

Delish – Spring Herbed Zucchini Goat Cheese Fritters

SPRING HERBED ZUCCHINI GOAT CHEESE FRITTERS Just last weekend, I made these tasty spring appetizers.  My husband and I were invited to a potluck Easter dinner.  I wanted to bring something for the sensitive foodie so we could all enjoy a healthy living snack before our meal.  I opted to bake these in the oven […]

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