Collecting artwork can seem daunting. The question I hear most often is, “How do I know which artwork to buy?” The short answer to that- buy something that speaks to you. As an artist, I have sold many pieces and every one of them was bought by someone who felt an emotional connection to the image. For example, one piece I sold depicted a woman holding a nest with eggs in it. This reminded the buyer of her years as a Bluebird leader.

Buy what feels right.

There are other reasons to invest in art that are less personal, but are just as important.

1. Supporting young and emergent artists is a wonderful way to encourage them to continue developing their work.

2. If you buy more than one artwork you can refer to your “collection.” It feels awesome to say it- “my art collection…”

3. Art actually is a fantastic investment and values better over time than many other financial investments, especially if you have an eye for good work.

4. Shopping at the mall can be fun, but see how much more exciting an artists’ open studio event can be. Clark County Open Studios and monthly open studios on First Friday at North Bank Artists Gallery are excellent local opportunities to purchase work from artists and see their process in creating it.

5. You’ll help keep a gallery open. Art galleries are draws for other businesses like wine bars and restaurants to cluster around. Art is a magnet for economic vitality which is a great thing to support.

Happy Collecting!

reid in studio Reid Trevarthen at North Bank Artists in studio.


Maureen Andrade

I am the Executive Director of North Bank Artists in the Vancouver Arts District, as well as an artist and writer. Living and working in Clark County for most of my life, I have an appreciation for the good things this community offers. Also, I understand the creative lifestyle from many angles and hope to share some of what I know with my readers.

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