Month: February 2015

Laughter… the best… tool … :-)

In recent decades, as insurers have taken over the delivery of medicine, we doctors are trained to be ever quick and to the point during the brief interaction we have with our patients.  Our time is short, our patients’ needs long and finding the middle ground takes skill and practice. One common experience, even ritual […]

Office Moms bring love to kids in twilight zone

A couple years ago, foster mom Sarah Desjarlais was at a meeting at the downtown Vancouver office of the Department of Social and Health Services where she asked the obvious questions. “Who are all these little kids running around the office? Why are there two- and four-year-olds just wandering around in cubicle land?” Turned out, […]

66 wrestlers from Columbian’s readership area to Mat Classic

Here is the list of wrestlers from The Columbian's readership area who will be competing for state championships at Mat Classic in the Tacoma Dome on Friday and Saturday. (Please […]

Educational Event – Identifying and Managing Chronic Pain

If you work in the animal field, please join us for this free educational event: Identifying and Managing Chronic Pain. Learn to recognize pain in animals and options for treatment, including laser therapy, NSAIDs, supplements, narcotics, acupuncture, and rehab. Discussion will cover management of injuries, dental disease, feline cystitis, arthritis, ruptured discs, and more. Dr. […]

Strange lights seen from La Center

Terri, a La Center woman, reported seeing some strange lights in the sky at the end of January from her house looking toward Camas and Vancouver. She said one was a white orb, another was more colorful. Below are her photos taken on Jan. 29th. She saw more on Jan. 30th in a second location, […]

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