Candidate Julie Olson weighs in on new offices


Julie Olson, candidate for the Clark County council District 2 seat

Clark County council candidate Julie Olson is not pleased about the possible cost to install new offices in the Public Service Center for the new councilors.

In response to my article today, Olson—who, of course, will need an office if she wins the new District 2 seat—issued a press release.

“My ability to effectively represent the voters of Clark County has nothing to do with the square footage of my office or whether it has a window,” Olson said in the statement. “It would be an honor to serve. I am willing to work out of a broom closet if necessary. This money would be better spent on more important county services for our citizens.”

Last week, Acting County Manager Mark McCauley mentioned during board time that adding two additional offices in the Public Service Center could cost between $200,000 and $300,000. That covers an architect, construction, electrical and sewage work, furniture and computers.

The funny thing is there are two currently existing and unused offices on the sixth floor that the new councilors could just move into. They’re a little smaller and there’s no natural light, but it would certainly be a lot cheaper to put the councilors up in those offices.

Councilor David Madore, however, isn’t on board with the idea, saying it would send the wrong message to two councilors.

“I do like the idea that everyone’s a peer and everyone gets the same kind of office,” Madore said.

“We’re all peers,” Madore continued. “Everyone gets a view.”

The council will discuss the issue again during board time Wednesday.

Kaitlin Gillespie

Kaitlin Gillespie

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