Author: Marie Agun

New Year Puppies

 These Borzoi puppies were born early on Jan 3.  I’ve not been a parent, but I sure understand how parents say, when you hold the new born, the worries and cares of the world melt away, and all that is important at the moment is that new born.   These puppies have the pedigree to be […]

Puppies on the way

I’ve been busy trying to study for mid-terms, when right in the midst of it all, my girl came into season early. I’ve been wanting puppies from her line: Winning show dogs with amazing personalities. Also, they are very smart, which though challenging, makes for great field and obedience dogs. I would really like to […]

I Hate Raccoons

  Coonhound paralysis, aka Coon Fever, as well as distemper, rabies, parvo and just plan nasty scratches and bites.  I hate raccoons.  This past Friday, all 4fourof my dogs were a bloody mess from a run in with a raccoon in the yard.  My boy’s face doesn’t look so bad with eight stitches holding his lip closed. […]

Double Merle Lethal White – Deaf dog working

Any breed of dog that carries a merle gene can sometimes produce a condition called double merle. Double merle is not albino. Careful breeding and making sure the right people adopt the right dog has gone a long way to stop the needless mistreatment and premature death of some of these deaf and/or blind double-merle […]

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