Month: November 2013

Hunting camps photo contest

OLYMPIA — The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is looking for photographs of hunting camps for the cover of the 2014 big-game pamphlet. Submissions are due by March 1. Photos should not include items that could appear to endorse specific companies or problems, such as logos or labels on sporting goods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic […]

How long for no sturgeon retention?

Sturgeon retention will not be allowed in the lower Columbia River in 2014. That’s not news, but it begs the question: Is the non-retention rule a one-year deal? “It hasn’t been discussed,” said John North of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildife. Washington and Oregon fish and wildlife commissioners, during the discussions in 2012 […]

Uff da!

I know the holiday season is upon us when I have to make the lefsa… and this is serious- make no mistake! I am certain, that if I did not bring the lefsa to Thanksgiving or Christmas then I would not be allowed in the door to the family gathering! NO JOKE! That’s right, we’re […]

Can Thanksgiving be exciting?

The Thanksgiving food ads started some weeks ago, and in newspaper food sections, magazine articles and the various TV cooking shows, we’re urged to try something different.  Maybe an Asian twist, or an Hispanic taste.  Couldn’t hurt to make an all-vegan meal this year, right? Hah!  Not likely.  There are two meals that are sacrosanct […]

Best Ever Brisket Chili

Do you add browned hamburger to your chili? Why not try smoked brisket?! The brisket brings the chili alive and imparts a rich taste that hamburger just can’t touch. The secret to this delicious recipe is not just the brisket (which my husband smoked in his Traeger Grill for 17 hours); but also the spice mix from […]

Hot topics: Fever

FEVER! Hi again In the next few posts I plan to explore some common home health problems and what to do at home, a kind of self-care flow-sheet if you will. The idea is to cover some emergent topics (fever, falls, sudden pains, shortness of breath) as well as ongoing problems such as sprains and […]

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Malus Domestica

Immortality, fruitfulness, a love charm, a cure: Apples can easily be called the world’s most beloved fruit, now and throughout history.  Today there are well over 7,500 varieties grown all over the world with the leading producers being China, the United States and Turkey. Apples grow best in colder climates, they need a dormant period […]

Dog’s Life Test Post

Test Post from Dog’s Life. This is a test post, and i’m in the middle of adding the test post information/body/content. This is a test post, and i’m in the middle of adding the test post information/body/content. This is a test post, and i’m in the middle of adding the test post information/body/content. This is a test post, and […]

Puppies on the way

I’ve been busy trying to study for mid-terms, when right in the midst of it all, my girl came into season early. I’ve been wanting puppies from her line: Winning show dogs with amazing personalities. Also, they are very smart, which though challenging, makes for great field and obedience dogs. I would really like to […]

Strange ghost walk image

Here’s a strange tale from Dave Garcia about a ghost walk he took, and photographed, in Portland: I took this photo while on a ghost tour in October, 2011. I felt like someone was behind me, so I turned around, no one was there but I took a photo of the rock wall with my […]

Dungeness Crab

Dungeness crab are native to the Northwest. More specifically it is native to Washington. We even have a town named Dungeness, Wa. That is how much we love the crab! The type of meat that comes form a dungeness crab is tender, sweet, and very light. They are very quick and simple to cook. Boil […]

Willie, Taj, and Miss Chubbs

Recently, as I was getting Taj back into the house after play time, he noticed an unusually large yellow figure lumbering along toward the back door. She caught my eye as well and, of course, Willie’s attention too. He bolted back out the door while Taj ran under my legs for cover. It was our […]

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