Dungeness crab are native to the Northwest. More specifically it is native to Washington. We even have a town named Dungeness, Wa. That is how much we love the crab!

The type of meat that comes form a dungeness crab is tender, sweet, and very light. They are very quick and simple to cook.

  • Boil water – enough to submerge the crab all the way. You can add a few pinches of salt too if you would like.
  • Turn the crab upside down and cut the crab from head to tail.
  • Remove all of the guts so when you boil the crab the meat will not be contaminated by the flavor or the toxins of the guts.
  • Submerge the crab – both halves – into the water for 20 minutes

In order to get to the meat you have to crack the crab open with a crab cracker, or little hammer.

You can serve it chilled or warm with a little melted butter on the side.

We like to serve our crab shredded on top of mixed greens, chopped up avocado, tomato, and lemon!


Your Healthy Friends,

Courtney &  Ryan

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