Month: August 2013

Let’s talk sleep….. zzzz…..

Let’s talk sleep. Seems we don’t get enough. Studies show most of us need 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep yet the average American adult sleeps only 6.9 hours per night. One survey found nearly 70% of primary care patients complained of insomnia. About a third of patients who slept less than 7 hours during the […]

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Willie’s New Baby Brother

Yes, we did it last weekend — adopted a nearly 7-week-old black lab puppy! He’s adorable, very small and quite young. We named him Taj after the blues musician Taj Mahal. I only have a moment to sit and write this blog because literally I am running to take care of all Taj’s puppy needs […]

Just Like Starting Over

A couple weeks in, I’m finally feeling a bit settled in my new job as The Columbian’s Opinion editor, so it’s time to do a little catching up on the blog. To start with, here are some links to my first three Opinion columns. First, I wanted a bit of a light-hearted way to introduce […]

Jack and the Beanstalk

Here is the deal: Green beans are absolutely delicious!! And I am not talking about the ones that are nearly plastic tasting and covered in a nice coat of wax and come in a can. I am talking about your northwest freshly grown green beans that are nice, crispy, and full of flavor! These babies […]

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