A trip back to Washington

I’m back! I guess you could say that I had a lot of fun in Texas, but in reality it was hot. I think on the first day it was 100 degrees outside and I was wearing jeans. I proceeded to have Chinese food at one of my friend’s restaurants. Her name is Jeany (I think that’s how you spell it) and she is really good friends with my Grandma on my dad’s side. That was fun. I watched the play/movie “Harvey” too. However the second day was very interesting; I got to go have Mexican food at my usual place, Casita Linda. They make the best desserts. And I started watching my favorite play of all time, “Cats.” I love Mister Mistopolees, Rum Tum Tugger, and Rumbleteazer.
On the third day, I went to have dinner/lunch with my abuelita at Chile’s. Lunch is dinner in Texas, and dinner is supper. Anyway, that was fun and my Uncle David and Aunt Ethel came to stay with us for a while. We had pizza, which was good.
On the fourth day, I went shopping with my Aunt Ethel, my grandma and my mom. We did that on the last full day too and I had supper with my Tia Gaby, but when we got home I watched “Forrest Gump” with my Uncle David. I loved it, too. I got a little sick from what I ate when I had dinner with my tia.
I had fun and plan to have another trip during spring break. I also got a stuffed armadillo and named it Harvey after the Harvey in the play “Harvey”.
A trip back to Washington


I’m a 13-year old girl that prefers to spend her days playing video games, watching cartoons, drawing, and doing martial arts over sports. My name is Kaitlyn Segura and I am a Blue belt in karate. I’ve been doing karate for eight years now and have become an expert in the arts of both sword fighting with double and single blades and hand to hand combat. I was inspired to do this activity while watching “Enter the Dragon” starring Bruce Lee. I wanted to become like him, and become a Black belt. I can proudly say that I am almost there.

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