Today was the worst of all days. I believe that today I have more to report than just Harvest Moon and Skyrim, but I feel that it is not as cheerful. Today I hope to share my feelings with the people that read this blog, for I regretfully say that my great-grandmother, Mema, has died. No words can express the feelings I feel at this exact moment, but I will say that I can only say that I’m filled with guilt. Why do I feel guilty? Because I live five states away from her. Because I wasn’t there for her when she needed it. Because I couldn’t bend the rules of life and death for her. I understand that everyone has their time to die, but why do we always go at the worst time? You see, I’m going to Texas in two weeks. I could have gone to see her alive and well. The first time I would have seen her in eight years, and now she’s dead. I’m sorry if I depress you, but at this moment I am beyond depression. I can only hope she found her stairway to heaven …


I’m a 13-year old girl that prefers to spend her days playing video games, watching cartoons, drawing, and doing martial arts over sports. My name is Kaitlyn Segura and I am a Blue belt in karate. I’ve been doing karate for eight years now and have become an expert in the arts of both sword fighting with double and single blades and hand to hand combat. I was inspired to do this activity while watching “Enter the Dragon” starring Bruce Lee. I wanted to become like him, and become a Black belt. I can proudly say that I am almost there.

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