Month: September 2014

Falling For Autumn

It’s here–that feeling in the air, the slant of light that announces my favorite time of year–fall. I love everything about the season–pumpkin pie, red and yellow leaves, crisp air, apple cider, my birthday. Oh, sorry. Did I actually write that? My bad. Forgive the diversion. Back to the subject. Truth told, it’s the change […]

Breakfast Can Be Romantic, Too

You have a whole weekend with nothing to do but spend time with someone special. You plan two wonderful dinners with entrees you know will be a hit. You find the time to make a decadent dessert (which, of course, is chocolate–just saying) and make sure there’s enough for two nights. You have fresh candles […]

Free Event for Animal Professionals

“Caring for the Senior Pet” Organized by the Animal Community Talks Presented by Dr. Christine Fletcher The Animal Community Talks project aims to provide education that is professional and accessible to those in the animal field. This presentation will help those in veterinary clinics, shelters, training facilities, and more to help their more senior companion […]

Another Romantic Season Ahead

It’s a bit gray and cloudy this morning, the kind of day that hints at the season to come. The week’s harvest moon made its appearance spectacularly as a super moon–what could be more romantic than that? But now that it’s moving to fall, we’re about to move romance indoors. There’ll be fewer picnics by […]

Post Once & Measure twice

For all you social media/networking types out there, did you know that there is a little piece of information that you can add on to your links to make sure that they are easily tracked back to your website?  (This is for all of the Google Analytics users out there, or at least people who […]

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