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A Fall Day Crisp as a Washington Apple

Driving home from my exercise class this morning I noticed the row of trees which always signal the height of fall with their gorgeous colors, has begun to change. Fall is well and truly under way. Mornings are cooler. Dusk comes earlier. The air is crisper. And the many varieties of apples begin to make […]

Falling For Autumn

It’s here–that feeling in the air, the slant of light that announces my favorite time of year–fall. I love everything about the season–pumpkin pie, red and yellow leaves, crisp air, apple cider, my birthday. Oh, sorry. Did I actually write that? My bad. Forgive the diversion. Back to the subject. Truth told, it’s the change […]

Breakfast Can Be Romantic, Too

You have a whole weekend with nothing to do but spend time with someone special. You plan two wonderful dinners with entrees you know will be a hit. You find the time to make a decadent dessert (which, of course, is chocolate–just saying) and make sure there’s enough for two nights. You have fresh candles […]

Another Romantic Season Ahead

It’s a bit gray and cloudy this morning, the kind of day that hints at the season to come. The week’s harvest moon made its appearance spectacularly as a super moon–what could be more romantic than that? But now that it’s moving to fall, we’re about to move romance indoors. There’ll be fewer picnics by […]

Winding Down to September

It’s the last full week of summer vacation for school kids, parents, and teachers. And the beginning of what is often the best month of the year in the Northwest. Ironic, isn’t it? Just when many people have to get back into the routine of the school year, the weather improves. But even if we’ll […]

Lazy, Hazy Days

Some summer, huh? Hottest on record in the ‘Couve not because of daytime temps but the heat at night. Maybe some cooler temps this week but… So, just in case the cool-down doesn’t get here, how about something sweet, juicy and cool to share with your partner on a warm evening? Summer fruits are plentiful […]

I’m Here; You’re There

It’s a bit harder this morning to get my head into a recipe for a romantic meal when it’s warm—I’m at the coast where the heat wave will be 68 degrees; the romance is the sound of the ocean; the menu includes house made Ding Dongs from Blackfish Cafe in Lincoln City. But I’ll try. […]

Summer Sizzle III

It’s almost the end of July already. How’s your summer been? Busy? No time to spend with your favorite person? That’s not good, is it? Because if ever a season was meant for hanging out with a loved one, kicking back with nothing to do but enjoying their company, it’s summer. So, change it up […]

Summer Heat II

One of my favorite summer treats is cold soup. I have recipes for fruit soup, cold potato and leek soup (vichyssoise), cucumber and lime soup, gazpacho. I love them all. And you might just see a couple more of them show up here in August, who knows. But for today, I’m going with cucumber and […]

Baby, It’s Hot Outside

Of course it’s hot. What do we expect? It’s summer. And summer brings heat. It also brings memories of all those warm July and August evenings driving around in convertibles. Going to the fair, riding the Ferris wheel, hoping you’ll get stuck at the top with the person you’re with so you can kiss a […]

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