Breakfast Can Be Romantic, Too

You have a whole weekend with nothing to do but spend time with someone special. You plan two wonderful dinners with entrees you know will be a hit. You find the time to make a decadent dessert (which, of course, is chocolate–just saying) and make sure there’s enough for two nights. You have fresh candles ready to light and the perfect music lined up to create an atmosphere for romance. Maybe you¬†updated your Netflix queue so your favorite movies are just a click away.

There’s nothing left to do to make it a perfect weekend. Or is there?

You forgot about breakfast the morning after that romantic dinner! Oh, you can run to Starbucks or Thatchers or Java House for coffee and a treat in the AM but that means getting dressed, finding the car keys and actually going someplace. Why not make something yummy at home? And while you’re at it, make it with ingredients purported to aid in the romance department. The following recipe includes two of those: eggs, which have been the symbol of fertility and associated with passion and new life for as long as humans have been creating metaphors. The other ingredient? Avocado. Its shape, its texture, its smooth creaminess–all contribute to its R-rated reputation!

On the other hand, this following fritatta-like egg dish is just plain good tasting even if you don’t buy into the poor avocado’s reputation.

Eggs With Avocado

Serves 2

3 eggs

1 tblsp. whole milk

2 tsp. olive oil or butter

3 tblsp. feta cheese, crumbled

1/2 avocado, diced

chili powder or red pepper flakes

1. Whisk eggs with milk until well beaten.

2. Heat fat and, when hot enough, cook feta cheese in it for one minute.

3. Pour beaten eggs over cheese and lower heat to medium low.

4. Cook for about 5 minutes, lifting the edges of the eggs occasionally and making small tears in the eggs to allow uncooked egg to reach heat.

5. Cover with lid for a few minutes if the surface of the eggs looks uncooked.

6. Finish with sliced avocado and sprinkle with chili powder or red pepper flakes to taste.

7. Can be served on tortilla, as in the photo, or on toast or alone with a side of bacon or sausage.

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