Strain Review: Cookies & Cream from My Weed Bunny

Cookies & Cream is a hybrid strain that was grown by My Weed Bunny (follow them on FB & IG) )a company located in Rainier, WA. Aside from flower they also make concentrates and edibles. I picked up an 8th of Cookies & Cream from High End Market Place (their menu and my write up on their store) this last Friday and glad I showed up because it was the last of it. HUZZAH!

As I mentioned, Cookies & Cream is a hybrid and it’s a mix of the Starfighter (indica dominant hybrid) and Girl Scout Cookies strains which are both also hybrids. I really enjoyed how different this strain smelled than others I’ve tried in the past. Instead of it smelling like pine, diesel, or citrus it had a sweet, vanilla smell to it. My nugs were full bodied, covered with crystals and very dense. I don’t always use my grinder to break up my bud, but with this stuff I made sure I did every time because my fingers would wind up so sticky.

I tried smoking Cookies & Cream in the morning to see if it’d be nice for a wake & bake and it didn’t disappoint. I didn’t smoke too much because I didn’t know if this would be more on the sativa or indica side, but I was HIGH. If you have the day off it’s perfect, but I’d clear steer if you’re trying to get a lot done. If you smoke too much of this stuff, you’ll be pretty ripped, then you’ll feel like you’re chained down to your recliner. I also felt like when I would smoke this, the high would last a lot longer than other strains. Depending on your preference that may be a good or bad thing. Cookies & Cream is some pretty potent stuff, it tested out at 26% THC and 0.94% CBD.

Cookies & Cream is an all around perfect hybrid strain…to me anyway. It’s perfect to me because you can really do what you want with it, the dosing is completely up to you. Got a Broad City marathon you wanna watch or hanging out with friends? Cookies & Cream! Feeling a little anxious or aggravated? Take a few tokes and float away on a cloud of happiness and sunshine. Have pain that’s bothering you? Take a few more tokes and call me in the morning! As per usual I always smoke after a hard gym session and Cookies & Cream was great at relieving my muscle tension. Ladies, this is another great strain for all your PMS symptoms, so if you can keep this on hand…maybe some actual cookies too!

Cookies & Cream: 10 – Willie Nelson

10You Can Find Cookies & Cream At:

High End Market Place – $20/1g $40/2g $60/3.5g – As I mentioned above, I picked up the last 8th on Friday, let them know if you want more and maybe they’ll get more in stock.

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