Pew poll shows broad divide among GOP voters

A recent Pew Research Center report highlighted the divide that exists within the Republican party, saying the disagreements expose vastly different viewpoints on the way life in the United States has changed.

The report states, “Among GOP voters, fully 75 percent of those who support Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination say life for people like them has gotten worse, compared with 63 percent of Ted Cruz supporters and 54 percent of those who back John Kasich.”

On the Democratic side, “voters generally express more positive views of how life in the U.S. has changed over the past 50 years, those who favor Bernie Sanders are more negative (34 percent say life has gotten worse) than those who support Hillary Clinton (22 percent).”

Trump told his Washington supporters he plans to visit the state in early May this week.

Only 38 percent of GOP voters said they would ‘solidly unite’ behind Trump, PEW reports.

According to their research, based on responses from 2,254 adults, including 1,787 registered voters, asked on March 17-27, the “GOP voters who support Trump also stand out for their pessimism about the nation’s economy and their own financial situations: 48 percent rate current economic conditions in the U.S. as “poor” – no more than about a third of any other candidate’s supporters say the same. And 50 percent of Trump supporters are not satisfied with their financial situations, the highest among any candidate’s supporters.”

–Lauren Dake

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