Month: November 2021

Glaucoma in Cats

While common in people and dogs, glaucoma is rare in cats, but can ultimately lead to blindness. However, an early diagnosis coupled with the proper treatment affords concerned owners a fighting chance at saving their favorite feline friends’ purr-ecious sight.   What then, IS glaucoma?   Glaucoma is a painful disorder that occurs as a […]

Seedy Oat Crackers

Don’t wait another minute. The holiday season is here and it’s all about the party bites. You don’t need a big, fancy occasion to celebrate. Today is special enough.  So make yourself a festive drink, snag a cocktail napkin, and let’s have fun!  Kick off baking season with these easy to make, good for you […]

Are You Exercising Too Much?

Many exercisers make the mistake of working out so hard that when they are finished, they are completely exhausted. They may go home or take a nap. Some may reduce their overall activity for the day so that by the end of the day, they may have actually expended less energy than they would have […]

Roasted Squash Rings with Pear, Dried Cherries and Feta

Every Thanksgiving, I think of my grandmothers, both of them gone now, but still in my heart nonetheless. They lived in opposite directions from our house, but somehow synchronized, they would arrive at exactly the same time, both of them dressed in their best for the holiday and bustling through the door carrying heavy plates […]

Maya Parman of Camas tops 4A Greater St. Helens League girls soccer all-league team

All-league team as selected by league coaches: Player of the year: Maya Parman, sr., MID, Camas FIRST TEAM Keely Wieczorek, jr., GK, Camas Paige Miller, sr., DEF, Skyview Olivia Euverman, sr., DEF, Union Madison Enright, sr., DEF, Battle Ground Madeline Johnson, jr., DEF, Camas Jasmine Whittington, sr., DEF, Camas Bailey Morris, sr., MID, Union Lily […]

Lauren Krith of Mountain View tops 3A Greater St. Helens League girls soccer all-league team

All-league team as selected by league coaches: Player of the year: Lauren Krith, so., FWD, Mountain View FIRST TEAM Ani Qualls, jr., GK, Mountain View Olivia Sweet, so., DEF, Mountain View Cali Turigliatto, jr., DEF, Prairie Josie Settle, jr., DEF, Kelso Ellie White, sr., MID, Mountain View Eva Andrews, jr., MID, Mountain View Madison Thoreson, […]

Paige Chinchen of Kalama tops Central 2B League volleyball all-league team

All-league team as selected by league coaches: MVP: Paige Chinchen, sr., Kalama FIRST TEAM Jordyn Grabenhorst, sr., Toutle Lake Rhegan O’Neill, jr., Kalama Madison Fay, sr., Adna Kendal Collins, jr., Kalama Morgan Hamilton, jr., Onalaska Dakota Hamilton, so., Onalaska Reigha Niemeyer, jr., Wahkiakum SECOND TEAM Locals only: Irene Martinez, jr., Kalama; Alena Ross, jr., Kalama; […]

Fit For a Thanksgiving Feast

Halloween candy wrappings are still scattered around the house and already, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Holiday feasts in the USA often involve an all-out gorge with everyone retreating to the couch after dinner feeling bloated and about to burst. It’s enough to challenge the willpower of even the most-disciplined, fitness enthusiast. The good […]

Cardiomyopathy in Cats

Cardiomyopathy, simply put, refers to a “disease of the heart muscle,” specifically the myocardium. It’s a condition caused by a structural abnormality in one or more of the four chambers of the heart, most commonly the left ventricle. The muscle involved becomes too thick, either scars and stiffens or weakens, thereby impairing the heart’s ability […]

Thanksgiving Breakfast Cookies

Thanksgiving is a mere week away, and I can’t wait to bake all the pies, casseroles and stuffing my heart can hold. No matter who or how you may be gathering, big or small, there are two things you should be thinking about right now: before and after.  Let’s start with before. Do as much […]

Resolution in support of 3rd, 4th bridges not far enough for Lentz

When it comes to planning and building for third and fourth bridges across the Columbia River into Oregon, the Clark County Council is passing the buck. At least that’s what […]

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