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Congresswoman calls for more car commuters in I-5 bridge planning

Won’t somebody think of the automobiles? According to Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Battle Ground, we ought to be. The congresswoman penned a letter this week calling for more car commuter representation […]

Madore lambastes Stewart for a vote she didn’t make

Clark County Council David Madore had to issue an apology to Councilor Jeanne Stewart Tuesday, after he accused her of voting to support light rail in Portland. The problem? She wasn't at […]

Christmas week Clark County council meeting feels like a lump of coal

T’will be just before Christmas, and on the sixth floor Our own Clark County council has hearings galore. The meeting’s been noticed, thank David Madore. He wrote them himself, and he plans to […]

Council candidate Julie Olson takes first stand

Though the Columbia River Crossing is dead, Clark County Council candidate Julie Olson didn’t waste any time before sharing her thoughts on light rail. “In respecting the will of voters in […]

Light rail conspiracy theory

First, let's get something out of the way: The Columbia River Crossing is still dead. Yet the ghost of the proposed Interstate 5 Bridge replacement continues to haunt government meetings in […]

CRC can’t even beat dead Colonel

The meeting mavens aren't delusional - we know where our stories about local governments rank. We get the daily analytics on page hits on our website. Crime stories always rank the […]

“Light rail has a documented connection to witchcraft”

A new website has surfaced, and it is a spot-on parody of an anti-Columbia River Crossing website.  Here is the parody, which can be found at Over the years, many residents […]

C-Tran workshop yields … another workshop

As a reporter, it's a little disheartening when you can sum up the results of a seven-hour meeting you just sat through with three words. To be continued. Turns out, the C-Tran […]

Blast from the past

When a group of anti-light rail petitioners trekked to Kelso this week, it's a safe bet that no one was wearing one of these: You may recognize that button -- if […]

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