“Light rail has a documented connection to witchcraft”

A new website has surfaced, and it is a spot-on parody of an anti-Columbia River Crossing website.

crcparody Here is the parody, which can be found at www.crcfacts.com.

Over the years, many residents tried to start ferry services, but their efforts were stymied by government-funded snipers on the Oregon side of the river.

After two decades of negotiation, the original bridge was finally built when Washington’s governor lost a poker bet. He had to give Oregon’s governor his shoes, his belt, and right-of-way to build the bridge.

On light rail: Light rail has a documented connection to increased witchcraft in the communities it serves. This connection cannot be ignored, and it is, frankly, appalling that supporters of the CRC project insist on bringing even more witches and warlocks directly into our community by including light rail as a part of this project.

On cost: The costs currently estimated by the CRC are over THREE times higher than what you and I pay each day for a cup of coffee or a round of ammo. How is this fair or just? Don’t these planners know that this is the extent of financial understanding that we are comfortable with? When we sit down at our kitchen tables to do our family budgets, we don’t have things like bridges on our budget lists. So the government shouldn’t either. That’s just common sense.

Note the State Farm “You Can’t Lie on the Internet” advertisement on the website’s home page.

Hmm. I emailed Temple Lentz, creator of The Daily Couve. She wouldn’t take credit for the website. What about those local dudes who do The Vancouver Side? One sleuth pointed me to this website, which has Councilor Jack Burkman listed as the administrative contact for the domain name. Burkman said today he did buy the domain name last year, but said he has given the website over to someone whose identity he pledged to protect. That’s honorable. And we didn’t really think Burkman wrote all of this content, because he’s not this funny.

In case you haven’t seen it, here is the anti-CRC website, www.crcfacts.info.


Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice

I cover Vancouver city government. Reach me at stephanie.rice@columbian.com or 360-735-4508.

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