Author: Stephanie Rice

One last post before I go

Before my junior year at Fort Vancouver High School, I’d heard warnings from upperclassmen about Mary Beth Kelly, who taught honors English.  She was strict, bordering on mean. She had […]

So, who exactly determined the charter was illegal?

In advance of Wednesday's county council discussion about Chairman David Madore's proposed plan to slowly take away the voice of the people, excuse me, implement the charter that voters approved, […]

Charter advocate proposes detailed implementation plan

Last week, I posted David Madore's proposed charter implementation agreement. The county commissioner (councilor, as of Jan. 1), also asked for feedback on his Facebook page. Ridgefield resident Chuck Green offered […]

Leavitt’s resolution for a happy, healthy 2015

In today's Live Well section, the lead story is by health reporter Marissa Harshman, who asked local elected officials and key health sector employees for their New Year's resolutions.  On the […]

Madore’s proposed charter implementation agreement

At what I thought would be the end of today's special meeting of the Board of Clark County Commissioners, David Madore distributed a one-page "Charter Implementation Process Agreement." This was a […]

“High End Market Place” finally wants to locate downtown

Reading through my latest batch of Vancouver City Council emails, I learned that New Seasons has no interest in opening a store in downtown Vancouver. (Poor Block 10). That doesn't come as […]

Burning questions about city wood, answered

In Tuesday's newspaper, on the cover of the Clark County section, we had photographs of trees in Carter Park that had come down during the Dec. 11 windstorm and were being […]

City declines Benton’s offer to include his photo in garbage bills

Those little slips of paper you toss (into your recycling bin) when you open your garbage and recycling bill? You'll never look at them the same way again, once you […]

Legal ad revenue from county to The Columbian increases despite commissioners’ vote

In March, Clark County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke voted to award the contract for legal ads to The Reflector instead of The Columbian. As Tyler Graf reported at the time, […]

Did you vote in November? Why or why not?

I'm betting most readers of All Politics is Local voted in the November election, meaning we helped voter turnout hit 50 percent. Yes, only half of the people registered to […]

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