Month: January 2015

Woodland: They have a good gas station!

Every now and then, a public meeting turns into a spontaneous love-fest. This happens when elected officials heap gratuitous, sometimes awkward praise on a person, department or organization, seemingly trying […]

Clark County’s legal bill for C-Tran dispute

Clark County's ongoing dispute with C-Tran over the transit agency's board composition has raised a lot of questions. Will the county make good on its threat to sue C-Tran? Will county […]

Jeanne Stewart rebuffs need-to-know suggestion

The role of Clark County councilors has been a popular subject of discussion since the county's home-rule charter began to take effect this month. At Tuesday's council meeting, a terse exchange […]

Let’s take this outside

Say you’re a diehard Patriots fan and I’m a rabid Seahawks fan, and we’re sitting in a bar in downtown Vancouver watching the Super Bowl. After a few beers, things get […]

Sam Adams suggests “Portlandia” character disappear in Vancouver

Former Portland mayor Sam Adams is shipping off to Washington, D.C. for a new high profile climate job with the World Resources Institute. But here’s the real question about Adams’ future: […]

Communication breakdown at C-Tran

If this week's C-Tran board meeting was a game of musical chairs, Clark County Councilor Tom Mielke was the first one eliminated. But just how did Mielke become the odd man […]

Keystone pipeline fliers not really from Tim Leavitt

For some, this news about Mayor Tim Leavitt will come as a disappointment, and others will be relieved. No, Leavitt didn’t sneak out in the middle of the night to drop […]

Ed Barnes unleashed

Ed Barnes has never been one to hold back in public comments, particularly when he's talking about one of his favorite subjects: transportation. This week's Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council meeting […]

One last post before I go

Before my junior year at Fort Vancouver High School, I’d heard warnings from upperclassmen about Mary Beth Kelly, who taught honors English.  She was strict, bordering on mean. She had […]

So, who exactly determined the charter was illegal?

In advance of Wednesday's county council discussion about Chairman David Madore's proposed plan to slowly take away the voice of the people, excuse me, implement the charter that voters approved, […]

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