Sam Adams suggests “Portlandia” character disappear in Vancouver

Former Portland mayor Sam Adams is shipping off to Washington, D.C. for a new high profile climate job with the World Resources Institute.

Sam Adams

But here’s the real question about Adams’ future: What does this mean for his character on “Portlandia?”

In case you aren’t familiar with Adams’ role on the IFC show, he plays the assistant to a fictional Portland mayor. And when asked about his place on the show, Adams told a reporter from Go Local PDX it might be time for his character to die, or at the very least, disappear in Vancouver.

“I think a funny but fatal accident should kill off the mayor’s assistant,” he said. “Or maybe he is abducted by aliens and taken to a secret base in Vancouver, Washington.”

Unfortunately, The Columbian has no knowledge of any secret bases like that here, but not a bad idea, Mr. Adams.

In Adams’ new role over in the other Washington, he’ll lead the non-profit’s advocacy work pushing for a low-carbon economy. He’ll step into the job from his most recent gig as the executive director of the City Club of Portland.

Before that, Adams spent four years as the mayor. Early on, he was a rising political star, putting Portland on the map as the largest U.S. city with an openly gay mayor.

Of course, Adams’ term ended up becoming plagued by a sex scandal with a teenager, and he eventually admitted to lying about it. There was no second term in store for Adams in the Rose City, but some anticipate the move to the nation’s capital could breathe new life into his political career.

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