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Guard’s been working on the railroad all the live long week

Sean Guard wasn’t happy with how I told his story, but he got what he wanted out of it anyway: plenty of publicity. That’s obvious, if you’ve read the comments on […]

Clark County’s cities jump into Alt 4 debate

The Clark County Council's hosting a highly anticipated hearing on its contentious growth management options today. Actually, the show is underway right now, and based on the turnout, this one could […]

Camas mayor jumps into oil train discussion

While leaders in Vancouver and Washougal have come out against the ramp up of oil trains running through the Gorge, you might be curious about where the city of Camas […]

Let’s take this outside

Say you’re a diehard Patriots fan and I’m a rabid Seahawks fan, and we’re sitting in a bar in downtown Vancouver watching the Super Bowl. After a few beers, things get […]

Sam Adams suggests “Portlandia” character disappear in Vancouver

Former Portland mayor Sam Adams is shipping off to Washington, D.C. for a new high profile climate job with the World Resources Institute. But here’s the real question about Adams’ future: […]

Keystone pipeline fliers not really from Tim Leavitt

For some, this news about Mayor Tim Leavitt will come as a disappointment, and others will be relieved. No, Leavitt didn’t sneak out in the middle of the night to drop […]

Alexa Efraimson’s latest honor: Her own day

Alexa Efraimson hasn’t yet graced the cover of a Wheaties box, but maybe this is the next best thing on a local level. On Monday, the Camas City Council will officially […]

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