Month: July 2014

Alexa Efraimson’s latest honor: Her own day

Alexa Efraimson hasn’t yet graced the cover of a Wheaties box, but maybe this is the next best thing on a local level. On Monday, the Camas City Council will officially […]

‘Sieg Heil’ man returns

Regular readers of APIL may recall that a C-Tran Board meeting earlier this month took an uncomfortable turn when a man launched into an impassioned denouncement of an impressive array […]

Megaproject vs. four-lane “bridge to nowhere”

When I asked all of the members of the Vancouver City Council on Monday whether they supported Clark County Commissioner David Madore's plan for a bridge at 192nd Avenue, I […]

Leavitt, councilors will continue to pay dues

I was curious to see how the vote would go on a proposed policy to let the public to pick up the tab for councilors to join civic and service organizations. But […]

Another tab for taxpayers?

We all know people don't seek elected office for the money. They do it for their egos. But most elected officials get some compensation. In the case of the Vancouver City Council, members […]

All politics is (hyper) local

Every election year, a flood of fliers begins flowing into mailboxes. Candidates rely on direct-mail campaigns to reach the largest number of people with the least amount of work. And, […]

Vancouver to FVTV: You’re Not Worthy

At Monday's Vancouver City Council meeting, TV ETC. and CVTV were re-designated as the education and government access providers for the Comcast cable system. But, in what was a first, the council, […]

Ted Nugent, who lost Clark County Fair gig, has another show canceled

Turns out the Clark County Fair isn't the only place Ted Nugent has had to scratch off his concert schedule. As we reported, Nugent was supposed to play the fair on Aug. […]

Dead, dormant … or delusional?

I follow "Overheard in the Newsroom" on Twitter, because it produces occasional gems: This quote came to mind during a July 7 Vancouver City Council meeting, when councilors were discussing whether […]

Fireworks policy elicits Kafkaesque conversation

It's been a rough couple of weeks at public meetings. First there was the Sieg Heil dude, whose Nazi salute set the C-Tran board on edge (yet elicited a smattering of […]

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