Month: April 2015

Fact-checking Marc Boldt

Let’s round out the week of campaign silliness with a kick-off email from Marc Boldt. Boldt, the incumbent who lost the commissioner race to Councilor David Madore during the 2012 election, […]

Differing downtown waterfront revenue forecasts

The city of Vancouver’s 20-year tax revenue forecast for the first five-block phase of the downtown waterfront development project, which I wrote about Monday, didn’t sit well with the developer. Tuesday, […]

What’s in a like?

Councilor David Madore, once again, seems to have conflated his Facebook “likes” with his supporters and endorsers. He’s not the first person to do it. I’ve been hassled before for “liking” […]

Councilor Tom Mielke needs a copy editor

It appears Councilor Tom Mielke's campaign for Clark County council chair is well underway. Campaign mailers appear to have gone out sometime in the last week, asking people for whatever […]

Guard’s been working on the railroad all the live long week

Sean Guard wasn’t happy with how I told his story, but he got what he wanted out of it anyway: plenty of publicity. That’s obvious, if you’ve read the comments on […]

Council has a ‘serious conversation’

Clark County councilor Tom “Enough is enough is enough taxes” Mielke sure hates the idea of paying more than his fair share of the pie when it comes to taxes—even […]

I’d like a property taxes and pepperoni pizza

I’m about to drop some tax knowledge using culinary analogies. Among the concerns about Alternative 4 of the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan is the fear that the creation of 8,000 new […]

Clark County’s cities jump into Alt 4 debate

The Clark County Council's hosting a highly anticipated hearing on its contentious growth management options today. Actually, the show is underway right now, and based on the turnout, this one could […]

“Your dissent is respectfully rejected.”

Don’t agree with Councilor David Madore on Alternative 4? Too bad. At least that’s the message Clark County council candidate Chuck Green got today when he sent his thoughts on the Comprehensive […]

Community weighs in on Alt 4, and most aren’t happy

Here’s your last minute Public Service Announcement that you have until midnight Monday to submit comments online to Clark County on the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan update. Last week, we brought […]

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