Councilor David Madore, once again, seems to have conflated his Facebook “likes” with his supporters and endorsers.

He’s not the first person to do it. I’ve been hassled before for “liking” pages on Facebook that I really was just looking to get updates from. It’s one of the dangers of Facebook’s language, I suppose.

But if you visit, which has recently been updated to indicate his run for Clark County council chair, you’ll see listed on his endorsements page a list from 2012 which includes those who answered “yes” to the question “Do you endorse David Madore for Clark County Commissioner,” those who have contributed or shared their endorsement in another way, or those who “liked” the David Madore for Clark County Commissioner Facebook page. That page eventually became his public page.


The problem is, a quick scan of the three-year old list shows at least one person who is clearly using a fake name—Remember Marisaclese Naughtypants?—and a group of people who are upset to have been listed at all.

Here were some the responses to the list posted in Clark County Citizens for Good Governance, a group supporting government transparency and public discourse.

CHERYLTERRYCHUCKDYLANTo Madore’s credit, it looks like he’s removing names as people are asking. Terry, for example, is no longer listed. If you see your name and would like to be removed, his email is and his phone number is 360-601-3056.

Kaitlin Gillespie

Kaitlin Gillespie

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