A Tale of Two Peters

Peter Khalil’s parents emigrated from Egypt to a new country. He earned a law degree, then decided to transition into politics and seek a seat in the House of Representatives. Sound […]

Madore asks for Facebook records, denies his own

David Madore and his attorney are seeking public records from a county employee’s Facebook page while refusing to hand over records connected to the Republican Clark County councilor’s own page. Deputy […]

Madore lambastes Stewart for a vote she didn’t make

Clark County Council David Madore had to issue an apology to Councilor Jeanne Stewart Tuesday, after he accused her of voting to support light rail in Portland. The problem? She wasn't at […]

County manager: Berrigan rhetoric doesn’t rise to a threat

There was much chatter this week over a Facebook post by Christian Berrigan, state committeeman for the Clark County Republican Party. In the post on his private, though publicly accessible, Facebook […]

Prolific Facebook banning in question

I put out a crowd sourcing call on Twitter over the weekend asking readers to share what they believed was the post that got them banned from posting on Councilor David […]

Clark County could be testing ground for social media policy

As we often do here on All Politics is Local, we turn to the controversial subject of Clark County Councilor David Madore’s Facebook page. You know, the one that apparently isn’t […]

Where’s the love for Julie Olson?

In all the fervor over one big, expensive race with significant financial backing by the Clark County Republican Party, it is easy to overlook that the local Republicans have another […]

The fists are up in general campaign

This campaign is getting ugly. Republican Councilor David Madore early Friday morning posted on his Facebook — a wealth of information, as always — attacking Marc Boldt, no party preference, for […]

Déjà vu all over again with Madore’s endorsements

Update: I checked Councilor David Madore's endorsement page shortly after 10 p.m. Tuesday. All individuals mentioned below have been removed. I’m not entirely sure how Councilor David Madore is choosing to list […]

Facebook newspapers beyond Clark County

Clark County Councilor David Madore isn’t the only politician who prefers to use his Facebook page to communicate with the public rather than speaking to the media. Hat tip to Michele […]

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