Month: July 2016

Madore asks for Facebook records, denies his own

David Madore and his attorney are seeking public records from a county employee’s Facebook page while refusing to hand over records connected to the Republican Clark County councilor’s own page. Deputy […]

The myth of kitten killing Madore

Not long ago, a fellow reporter approached me, giggling. She asked me if Connecting Clark County, the political action committee formed to take on Republican Councilor David Madore in District 3 […]

Benton has Trump’s ear “to an unusual degree”

The Seattle Times wrote a great story about Sen. Don Benton’s involvement with the Trump campaign and how our local senator has the GOP presidential candidate’s ear “to an unusual […]

JHB addresses missed votes

Shortly after Democrat Jim Moeller announced he was running against Jaime Herrera Beutler his campaign sent a fundraising email with the subject line, “555 missed votes.” “We are not being represented!” […]

Green submits updated ethics complaint

Local government wonk Chuck Green issued a tome of material to Clark County Council Chair Marc Boldt on Tuesday, detailing alleged ethics violations by Clark County Councilor David Madore. The 117-page document is […]

JHB won’t attend the Republican National Convention

It’s still unclear whether U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler will get behind Donald Trump for president. In her last public statement about the candidate, the Congresswoman said she was waiting for […]

Reflector responds to apparent plagiarism

Something odd happened to me last week. One of my stories was apparently plagiarized. My story about Councilor Tom Mielke’s recall petition against three other councilors ran online on June 28, just […]

Petition to investigate Madore reopened

A petition calling for an ethics investigation into Clark County Councilor David Madore’s behavior was reopened late last week in the wake of the release of Rebecca Dean’s investigation. Chris Prothero, […]

Madore makes tragedy about himself

In the wake of the racial violence that wracked our country this week, a local politician responded by making it about himself. Republican Councilor David Madore had a hard week this […]

Flyers in Senate race get personal

We always knew the battle for the 17th Legislative District Senate seat would be brutal. With five months to go before the election between Democrat Tim Probst and Republican Lynda Wilson, […]

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