Green submits updated ethics complaint

Local government wonk Chuck Green issued a tome of material to Clark County Council Chair Marc Boldt on Tuesday, detailing alleged ethics violations by Clark County Councilor David Madore.

The 117-page document is an updated version of the ethics complaint Green submitted this spring, and asks the council to convene an “Ethics Committee” to investigate the Republican Councilor. Attached are the names of 526 Clark County residents who signed Chris Prothero’s petition.

“The citizens of Clark County, after experiencing years of frustration at the lack of transparency, incessant attacks on county staff, continued decisions that cost county taxpayers millions of dollars that will never be recovered, willful contempt for the media, ostracism for simply disagreeing with him, and continued favoritism toward one special interest group, hereby file the following complaint of violations of the County Councilor Code of Ethical Conduct against County Councilor David Madore,” Green wrote.

The complaint outlines eight separate charges, including that Madore has ignored legal advice from the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, that he has “demeaned and defamed” elected officials and judges and that he has pushed for policies that “have cost Clark County taxpayers millions of dollars that will never be recovered.”

“I hope it sends a message to not only Mr. Madore but the full council that we are just fed up with his antics and his manipulating the system,” Green said. “This is not just people in District 3, this is countywide.”

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, the Clark County council can do about this. The code of ethics adopted by the council in May says councilors charged with violating the code of ethics are to be subject to review by an “ad hoc Ethics Review Committee” consisting of two councilors and a citizen chosen by those councilors.

But that language is on hold until at least October after Republican political activist Christian Berrigan filed a petition to put the county’s rules of practice up for a referendum.

Kaitlin Gillespie

Kaitlin Gillespie

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