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County passes 2010’s census self-response rate

Well, at least we’re doing something useful with all this time at home. Clark County residents have surpassed a noteworthy milestone in their response to the United States Census. On Thursday, […]

Have you filled out your census? Your neighbor probably has.

Not too shabby, Clark County. According to the United States Census Bureau, our corner of southwest Washington has one of the best self-response rates to the decennial census in the state. […]

Want to work for the census? Apply ASAP.

Toying with the idea of working for the census? It might be a good idea to apply “sooner rather than later.” That’s according to Toby Nelson, Western media contact for the […]

UAW strike against GM forces Clark County to pivot

A labor standoff last year between General Motors and the United Auto Workers cost the company billions of dollars and left tens of thousands of workers without paychecks for several […]

I-976, 179th Street and ‘gloomy head nods’

After Initiative 976 passed, the Clark County Council consulted its legislative lobbyist about the measure’s potential impact on a premier county transportation project. Councilors didn’t seem to like what they […]

In voter turnout, county fell short

Statewide voter turnout in the Aug. 6 election hit 29.56 percent, making this year’s ballot return the most popular odd-year primary election in a decade. The results, released from Washington Secretary […]

Is Vancouver joining an opioid lawsuit?

The City of Vancouver may join a lawsuit against the companies of opioid manufacturers. At last night’s city council meeting, Councilor Ty Stober said he’d had a personal comeuppance about the […]

What’s a filing fee petition?

In order to run for Vancouver City Council, you need to jump through some hoops. Namely: filing a candidacy with the Clark County Election's office, including paying a filing fee […]

Eileen Quiring doesn’t think trans people will vote for her. Here’s why.

Seeing as I don’t cover Clark County anymore, I don’t often cross paths with Clark County Councilor Eileen Quiring. So I was taken aback, only for a minute, to see her […]

Media wars

I was bemused Thursday night to see the long expected announcement of Clark County Councilor David Madore’s newest project: his own news website. Madore, with the help of former Reflector editor […]

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