Month: September 2016

Facebook uses its power to increase the number of young voters

The social-media powerhouse Facebook tapped into its market over the millenials last week and urged them to register to vote. And it worked. Last Friday, the state saw a record one-day voter […]

The suit must go on

Clark County and Councilor David Madore asked a Cowlitz County judge to throw out a lawsuit filed over the Republican councilor’s Facebook page – the judge, however, denied that request. Public […]

JHB changes her tone on Trump

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz -- who once called Donald Trump “a narcissist at a level I don’t think this country has ever seen” and a “pathological liar” -- said he would […]

Secretary of State’s office urging snake people, others to vote

Those darn millennials. If you believe everything you read, they’re ruining America, with their bar soap hating, paper napkin eschewing ways. Now the Secretary of State’s Office is doing its part […]

Parks parking fees could be on notice

You can probably expect free parking at county parks to be on the chopping block later this year, if Wednesday's Clark County council work session was any indication. The long and short […]

RT’s don’t equal endorsements

A Vancouver woman emailed The Columbian on Friday to ask why the media wasn’t covering Secretary of State Kim Wyman’s use of state resources to endorse Bill Bryant. “Yesterday Secretary of […]

Homeless with 8-month-old baby girl

On August 17, at 4:02 p.m. Megan emailed Vancouver City Councilor Alishia Topper for help. It was a short email, barely a paragraph. I’m leaving out Megan’s last name because she didn’t […]

Media wars

I was bemused Thursday night to see the long expected announcement of Clark County Councilor David Madore’s newest project: his own news website. Madore, with the help of former Reflector editor […]

Endorsement wars

The Clark County Republican party has been waging an internal battle against itself for several years now. Recently, officials within the party created new battle wounds by refusing to endorse the […]

Tanisha Harris picks up an unlikely endorsement

Democrat Tanisha Harris picked up an endorsement she didn’t ask for in her bid for departing Republican David Madore’s seat on the Clark County council: Madore himself. In the wake of […]

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