UAW strike against GM forces Clark County to pivot

A labor standoff last year between General Motors and the United Auto Workers cost the company billions of dollars and left tens of thousands of workers without paychecks for several […]

Clark County Council hears drag queen library program debate

It was expected to be a routine, brief approval of previously allocated funds shortly before a Clark County Council meeting. Instead, councilors on Tuesday were presented drag queen performance photos, […]

Pike peddling bridge ideas, but not to RTC

State Rep. Liz Pike doesn't have a bridge to sell you. The Camas Republican does, however, have some ideas she'd like to share. She just won't be sharing them with the […]

C-Tran board gets “reflective”

Reflective (adj.): 1. causing light, sound, or heat to move away; reflecting light, sound or heat 2. relating to or caused by light that reflects off a surface 3. thinking carefully about something Reflect […]

Dino Transit shows C-Tran how it’s done

Well, that was fun while it lasted. For two hours on Tuesday, the C-Tran board participated in a lively, constructive training on how to run orderly, efficient meetings. C-Tran board members […]

Jurassic Parliament coming to C-Tran

Anyone who has attended a C-Tran board meeting in the last few years knows there are times when the group doesn't exactly hum like a well-oiled machine. There was the uncomfortable […]

C-Tran awkwardness: More to come?

The end of this week's C-Tran board meeting may have been summed up best by Camas City Councilor Greg Anderson. "This is awkward," Anderson said at one point. The group had reached […]

What’s the plan again?

You don't need to tell the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council that local traffic congestion is bad and getting worse. The agency is in the middle of a Congestion Management Process […]

Camas mayor jumps into oil train discussion

While leaders in Vancouver and Washougal have come out against the ramp up of oil trains running through the Gorge, you might be curious about where the city of Camas […]

Growing legal tab in Clark County v. C-Tran dispute

When Clark County received a $5,069 bill from Pacifica Law Group in January, we figured it wasn't the last taxpayer expense related to the county's legal dispute with C-Tran. This month, […]

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