Battle Ground to C-Tran: Behave, or we’re going home

It's safe to say Philip Johnson spoke for more than just the city of Battle Ground when he addressed the C-Tran Board of Directors this week. Johnson, Battle Ground's deputy mayor, […]

Light rail conspiracy theory

First, let's get something out of the way: The Columbia River Crossing is still dead. Yet the ghost of the proposed Interstate 5 Bridge replacement continues to haunt government meetings in […]

Jeanne Stewart rebuffs need-to-know suggestion

The role of Clark County councilors has been a popular subject of discussion since the county's home-rule charter began to take effect this month. At Tuesday's council meeting, a terse exchange […]

Communication breakdown at C-Tran

If this week's C-Tran board meeting was a game of musical chairs, Clark County Councilor Tom Mielke was the first one eliminated. But just how did Mielke become the odd man […]

Ed Barnes unleashed

Ed Barnes has never been one to hold back in public comments, particularly when he's talking about one of his favorite subjects: transportation. This week's Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council meeting […]

A modest proposal

Clark County Commissioner David Madore and others have long said C-Tran doesn't need to raise fares, as the transit agency did for the seventh consecutive year in 2014. This month, Madore […]

Leavitt steps away from C-Tran board

When the new C-Tran board is seated next month, it will be without at least one familiar face. Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, currently C-Tran's board chair, is removing himself from the […]

C-Tran pens yet another letter to TriMet

Another week, another letter between C-Tran and TriMet regarding the light rail contract the two agencies signed in 2013. Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, C-Tran's board chair, authored the latest communiqué stating […]

C-Tran board publicly, awkwardly discusses light rail deal

For several months, the C-Tran Board of Directors has discussed its controversial light rail contract with TriMet mostly in closed executive sessions. A surprise motion by Clark County Commissioner David Madore […]

Searching for a CRC successor

Let's face it: The words "Columbia River Crossing" carry a certain stigma these days. Mere mention of the project that came to be known as the CRC immediately stokes a range […]

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