Month: September 2015

Hatching a plan for the homeless

With Vancouver’s homeless problem under the microscope lately, well-meaning residents have been pitching ideas at The Columbian and the city council for quick housing solutions. For instance: How about using the […]

Madore borrows a grandma

If you haven’t noticed, Clark County Councilor David Madore is full of what I’ve affectionately come to call Madoreisms. Aside from being great potential rules for a county council drinking game, […]

C-Tran board gets “reflective”

Reflective (adj.): 1. causing light, sound, or heat to move away; reflecting light, sound or heat 2. relating to or caused by light that reflects off a surface 3. thinking carefully about something Reflect […]

Local attorney hopes to raise voter turnout, one question at a time

If you’re still on the fence about how to vote in the coming Clark County council and Port of Vancouver races, there’s yet another resource to hear directly from the […]

Unequal application of hearing rules

At last week’s joint hearing of the Clark County council and Planning Commission to hear feedback on the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan update, Councilor David Madore set some basic ground […]

The fists are up in general campaign

This campaign is getting ugly. Republican Councilor David Madore early Friday morning posted on his Facebook — a wealth of information, as always — attacking Marc Boldt, no party preference, for […]

Why Vancouver can afford a new park

As I was doing interviews for an Aug. 29 story about Vancouver’s neighborhood parks turning crisp and brown due to lack of watering, a couple of people asked me how […]

So where did Clark County’s tax bank come from?

Ask Councilor Jeanne Stewart, and she’ll tell you raising Clark County’s property tax levy beyond the allowed 1 percent would be “crazy,” or “political suicide.” But if you’ve been following my […]

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